2024-06-02 05:50:49Introducing Online Galleries: Sharing is Easier Than Ever!
Online Galleries promotional banner showcasing the Razor Mirror Booth with a QR code leading to a smartphone showing the photo landing page and sharing options, alongside a laptop displaying a fully customizable online gallery.
2024-06-02 05:32:05Introducing AI Headshots: Transform Your Photos with Generative AI!
AI Headshots promotional banner showcasing diverse portrait styles, powered by Foto Master Cloud
2024-05-09 06:08:46Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V14
Foto Master Photo Booth V14 promotional banner featuring a robotic hand, emphasizing advanced technology and innovation in event entertainment solutions
2024-04-03 01:59:48Introducing Foto Master Cloud: Your Booth Just Got Smarter!
2024-02-20 08:35:18Draw Me Bot V3: A New Era of Interactive Entertainment
2024-02-01 05:44:24Unlock the Future: Foto Master at PBX 2024!
Join Foto Master at Photo Booth Expo 2024, Booth #301 - Event Banner
2024-01-22 03:29:39Retro Style Booths: What's Your Style?
2023-10-25 01:07:34IAAPA Expo 2023
Foto Master, Come Visit Us, IAAPA Expo 2023, November 14th - 17th, Orlando
2023-10-17 06:01:07Foto Master's Fun-Filled October 2023 Preset Pack
New Preset Pack
2023-07-24 16:00:59Draw Me Bot V2: A Remarkable Leap Towards Lifelike Portraits!
Draw Me Bot by Foto Master: V2
2023-05-23 11:04:39Draw Me Bot: TURBO Drawing Speed
Draw Me Bot by Foto Master: Normal → Fast → Speedy → Turbo
2023-03-23 10:52:51Draw Me Bot: March 2023 Improvements
Draw Me Bot by Foto Master, Better Than Ever
2023-01-31 10:55:19Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V13
Foto Master Photo Booth V13, Beta
2023-01-19 11:20:34PBX 2023
Post Header: PBX 2023
2022-11-06 14:58:41Photo Booth Software: iPad FMBooth App V1
Foto Master Photo Booth Software, iPad FMBooth App V1
2022-10-04 04:41:15IAAPA EXPO 2022
Post Header: IAAPA 2022
2022-06-16 05:17:31BoothCon 2022
Post Header: BoothCon 2022
2022-02-10 16:07:42PBX 2022
Post Header: PBX 2022
2022-01-16 10:14:34Air Graffiti Wall: Laser Spray Can Sensor V2
Foto Master Air Graffiti Wall, Laser Spray Can Sensor V2
2021-12-12 13:31:12Foto Master's Photo Booth Software, iPad Edition V1.1.8
Foto Master Photo Booth Software, iPad Edition V1.1.8
2021-11-24 12:03:10Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V12
Foto Master Photo Booth V12
2021-10-21 05:57:41LED Ring V4
Post Header: LED Ring V4
2021-06-16 04:41:28Marquee Show 2021: Exhibition and Special Offers
Post Header: Marquee 2021
2020-11-10 19:56:04Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V11
Foto Master Photo Booth V11
2020-09-17 11:01:57Foto Master Virtual Academy Oct, 2020
Header: Foto Master Virtual Academy
2020-08-20 05:32:44Virtual Mirror Photo Booth
Post Header: Virtual Mirror Photo Booth
2020-07-13 09:42:53Printing Faces on Face Masks
Post Header: Printing Faces on Face Masks
2020-04-19 07:04:02Top 10 Tasks that Successful Photo Booth Rental Business Owners Work on during Coronavirus
Post Header: Tasks to work on during coronavirus
2020-04-05 08:14:10Photo Mosaic: Global Online Event
Post Header: Mosaic Global Event
2020-04-01 09:24:38Photo Mosaic Wall: Lockdown Proof Business Ideas
Post Header: Photo Mosaic Wall, Lockdown Proof Business Ideas
2019-12-03 08:55:49Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V10, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Software V10
2019-09-04 02:58:09Foto Master Acquired the Australian Photo Booth Mavens Red Robot
Post Header: Foto Master's Acquisition of Red Robot Industries
2019-08-29 04:50:21IAAPA France 2019: Debuting the Pylon iPad Booth
Post Header: IAAPA France 2019
2019-07-01 11:22:53Photo Mosaic Wall V3
Post Header: Photo Mosaic Wall Software V3
2019-07-01 11:07:01Foto Master's Certified Photo Booth Badge
Post Header: Foto Master's Certified Photo Booth Badge
2019-02-19 10:17:33PBX 2019
Post Header: PBX 2019
2019-01-01 17:14:00Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V9, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Software V9
2018-12-04 05:18:34Video Flip Software V10
Post Header: Video Flip Software V10
2018-11-06 06:41:51Air Graffiti Software V9
Post Header: Air Graffiti Software V9
2018-07-18 03:03:18Photo Mosaic Wall Software V2
Post Header: Photo Mosaic Wall Software V2
2018-06-21 04:51:00Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V8, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Software V8
2018-05-13 05:05:22LDP: Lead Distribution Platform
Post Header: Lead Distribution Platform
2018-02-15 04:58:32Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V7, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Software V7
2018-01-21 13:29:42Foto Master at PBPI Academy 2018, Dallas TX
Post Header Pbpi Academy 2018
2017-10-29 15:36:55IAAPA 2017: New Products Revealed
Post Header: IAAPA 2017
2017-10-08 09:52:47Neon Video Booth V2.2.4
Post Header: Neon Video Booth Software V2.2.4
2017-08-21 12:41:27Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V6, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Software V6
2017-04-06 08:00:28Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V5, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Software V5
2017-03-19 08:00:49PBX 2017: An Opportunity for Photo Booth Professionals
Post Header: PBX 2017
2017-03-02 08:00:31Foto Master Takes Mobile Beat Las Vegas!
Post Header: Mobile Beat 2017
2017-01-12 22:31:28Let’s Hear It For Augmented Reality V5!
Post Header: Augmented Reality V5
2016-12-06 15:09:50Fotomaster Buys Customer’s Concept!
Post Header: Led Camera Ring
2016-11-24 19:38:27Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V4, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Software V4
2016-11-02 19:36:36Foto Master to Reveal a New Product At IAAPA 2016
Post Header: Iaapa 2016
2016-10-18 13:45:27Foto Master Exhibits At Photo+ 2016 NYC
Post Header: Photoplus Expo 2016
2016-10-05 21:17:43Get in the Holiday Spirit with Your Mirror Me Booth!
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Holiday Pack
2016-09-15 19:08:00Introducing: Air Graffiti V8
Post Header: Air Graffiti Software V8
2016-09-06 13:34:57Barcelona, Here We Come!
Post Header: Iaapa 2016
2016-08-10 12:28:04Foto Master Exhibits At The DJ Expo
Post Header: DJ Expo 2016
2016-07-25 08:46:27Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V3, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Software V3
2016-06-28 12:38:22Introducing: Augmented Reality V4
Post Header: Augmented Reality V4
2016-05-24 18:32:26Come Say Hi In Shanghai!
Post Header: Iaapa 2016
2016-05-04 13:57:50The Fairest Of Them All
Post Header: Maybelline, The Fairest of them All
2016-04-29 15:31:18Mirror Me Booth – Portable, Durable, Protected, And Simple To Set Up!
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth - Portable, Durable, Protected, Simple
2016-04-24 14:24:55A PBXcellent Trip
Post Header: Photobooth Expo 2016
2016-04-10 04:18:56Something Big Is Coming…
Post Header: Something Big Is Coming
2016-03-29 18:45:42Make Them Green With Envy!
Post Header: Green With Envy
2016-03-24 18:59:55We’re Coming For You, Photo Booth Expo!
Post Header: Photobooth Expo 2016
2016-03-22 16:46:01Mirror Me Booth Is Fluent In Multiple Languages!
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Language Support
2016-03-20 19:07:55Want To Know Who Foto Master’s Latest Fan Is? Read On!
Post Header: Namco Animations
2016-02-24 15:29:10Foto Master Takes Las Vegas!
Post Header: WPPI 2016
2016-02-16 21:05:32Mirror Me Software V2: Voice-Over Animations
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Voice Over
2016-02-16 20:59:08New Animations For Mirror Me Software V2
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth New Animations
2016-02-06 18:28:02Integrated System Europe. It’s (trade) Show Time!
Post Header: ISE 2016
2015-12-27 23:48:05Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V2, Mirror Me Edition
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth Software V2
2015-12-23 01:58:56Coming Back From An Unforgettable Iaapa Orlando 2015
Post Header: Iaapa 2015
2015-10-25 17:43:05The One Booth You Do Not Want To Miss! 2684
Post Header: Iaapa 2015
2015-09-13 14:28:01Video Flip V9 Is Now Released To Early Adopters & Beta Users
Post Header: Video Flip Software V9
2015-08-20 05:25:54Mirror Me Booth – A Magical Photo Favor Experience
Post Header: Mirror Me Booth - Smile You Are Beautiful
2015-05-28 17:17:43Augmented Reality Foto Booth V2
Post Header: Augmented Reality Software V2
2015-05-27 20:09:48Mirror Me Booth @ The Boston Calling With Samuel Adams
Post Header: Sam Adams
2015-03-18 18:04:17The Birth Of A New Concept – Neon Video Booth
Post Header: Neon Video Booth
2015-03-18 15:26:53We Will Reveal A New Product In Las Vegas
Post Header: New Product Las Vegas
2015-03-18 15:22:38Your Story – My Keynote
Post Header: Your Story My Keynote
2015-03-18 15:10:06Air Graffiti Wall – Staring…you
Post Header: Air Graffiti Staring You
2015-02-26 15:46:36Acquisition Announcement: Foto Master Acquires Friispray
Post Header: Foto Master Buys Friispray
2015-01-28 21:23:49Cambridge Yourself – Real Time Green Screen Without Backdrop
Post Header: Cambridge
2014-12-24 22:22:47New Release: Air Graffiti Version 7
Post Header: Air Graffiti Software V7
2014-12-18 14:57:00Let Me Help You Sell Your Party Favor Products Better
Post Header: Party Favors Marketing Guide
2014-12-04 09:52:04Why Virtual Graffiti Walls Are Such A Hit All Over The World?
Post Header: Air Graffiti
2014-11-27 01:24:12Foto Master @ Iaapa 2014: Crazy Products => Crazy Prices
2014-11-09 11:15:02Press Release: Interactive Story
Post Header: Interactive Story
2014-11-09 11:14:03Press Release: Augmented Reality Foto Booth
Post Header: Augmented Reality
2014-11-04 12:58:10Air Graffiti Wall @ Ripleys Believe It Or Not – London
2014-10-06 15:48:37Bluebox Custom Air Graffiti Rear Screen Enclosure
2014-09-16 12:04:24Experiential Marketing With Air Graffiti Wall
2014-09-02 10:20:28Air Graffiti: New Daylight Laser Spray Cans
2014-08-15 20:28:27Air Graffiti Wall – Brazil Break Wall Setup
2014-08-02 00:12:42Air Graffiti Software – Features Videos By Spw
2014-07-15 22:19:26Air Graffiti – Version 6
2014-06-24 11:06:59Introducing The New Vertical Air Graffiti Touch
2014-06-14 16:26:57Meet Us @ Iaapa China 2014: Booth 1756
2014-06-03 20:47:33What Is Better Than A Sweet 16 In Vegas?
2014-02-19 20:25:55Brand Activation With 5 Air Graffiti Walls
2014-02-18 13:22:44A Very Nice Custom Air Graffiti Frame In Ny
2014-02-14 20:21:02Marketing Toys Try To Squeeze 1 Year Into 1:25 Min
2014-02-02 20:25:01Air Graffiti In The Super Bowl 2014
2014-01-19 22:19:09Ibm Booked The Best Of The Best
2014-01-16 20:15:48New High Score Table For Virtual Hero + Games Upgrade
2014-01-16 20:09:19Google Booked The Air Graffiti Wall To Entertain The Staff
2013-12-10 10:18:35Back Form Iaapa 2013 With More Energy Than Ever!!!
2013-11-28 20:08:05Virtual Hero @ A Corporate Event
2013-11-27 20:05:38Oracle Amazes Their Guests With Air Graffiti + Artist
2013-11-10 12:57:33Air Graffiti Version 5
2013-11-03 19:55:31Bobble Heads – New Photo Favor Software
2013-11-03 19:33:28Samsung Through “cover Design Contest” With Air Graffiti Touch
2013-10-23 17:31:42Digital Air Graffiti Hall
2013-10-10 19:28:23Virtual Hero – Hello World
2013-08-09 14:23:43Shocking!! Video Flip Creator V8 Released And Customer Heartbeat Sky High From The Excitement
2013-08-06 13:21:55Air Graffiti Wall @ Mlb Event In New York City
2013-07-10 19:13:47Air Graffiti Multi Touch Product
2013-07-07 10:08:19Run A Flip Books Business While Maintaining Your Day Job
2013-06-23 12:05:14Flipbook Overlay Feature @ Bmw Event
2013-06-20 19:03:47Air Graffiti Wall Amaze The Guests At A Wedding
2013-05-16 13:59:53“i Heart Flip Books” – Another Successful Case Study
2013-04-29 14:42:34Air Graffiti Wall For Corporate Events
2013-04-28 14:40:59Air Graffiti @ The Art Museum – Goss Michael Foundation In Dallas
2013-04-14 21:10:38Air Graffiti For Product Launch
2013-04-06 12:20:44Digital Graffiti Artist
2013-04-05 18:34:28Air Graffiti In Eye Opener
2013-03-24 11:54:18Air Graffiti Projection On The New Mercedes-benz
2013-03-02 16:47:50The Hart Of Air Graffiti
2013-02-17 11:44:29Video Flip Creator V7 Released!
2013-01-24 13:42:19Air Graffiti @ Fox 2 News
2013-01-22 17:39:03Virtual Art Wall @ Bar Miztvah
2013-01-22 14:37:11Cool Videos By Retro Flipbooks
2013-01-22 14:34:32Using The Eos Utility To Load Photos To Air Graffiti
2013-01-01 20:26:46Cool Bat Mitzvah With Air Graffiti
2013-01-01 10:28:20The Flip Book Creator
2012-12-27 16:23:47Virtual Graffiti Cover
2012-12-25 12:19:47Green Screen Flipbook
2012-12-21 11:03:53New Virtual Graffiti Stamps @ Event
2012-11-23 14:54:51Back From Iaapa 2012
2012-11-20 16:49:23Uk Enjoy Air Graffiti Technology
2012-11-05 18:45:03Join Us At The Iaapa 2012 Expo
2012-10-24 09:25:47Air Graffiti @ Itamar & Chen Wedding
2012-10-20 15:42:43Video Flip Creator @ Radio Saw Event
2012-10-03 12:20:03Air Graffiti – Launching Today’s Entertainment Artists Into The Digital Era
2012-09-24 10:17:44Virtual Graffiti Wall @ Bat/bar Mitvah
2012-09-11 10:05:59How Do You Make Sure That Your Product Is The Best?
2012-08-25 16:55:44How To Use Eye Fi With Air Graffiti
2012-08-25 16:04:26Air Graffiti @ Bat Mitzvah
2012-08-25 12:59:48Air Graffiti @ Corporate Event – Cellcom
2012-08-06 11:53:38Air Graffiti @ Bar Mitzvah
2012-08-04 13:51:15Air Graffiti – Any Background Color As Green Screen Background
2012-08-02 17:48:03Air Graffiti V2 – New Features
2012-07-27 12:38:07France Enjoy Digital Graffiti Photo Booth
2012-07-16 14:27:41Air Graffiti – How It All Began
2012-07-01 12:25:10Video Flip Creator V6.0.3 Support 1 Pass Cutter
2012-06-22 10:22:26Air Graffiti – New Product By Foto Master
2012-06-13 10:20:15The New Video Flip Creator V6.0.2 In Action
2012-05-20 14:18:21Abb Event – Using Video Flip Creator V6
2012-05-12 13:16:31Video Flip Creator V6 – New Patch (v6.0.2)
2012-05-05 11:14:56Video Flip Creator For Corporate Events (@hp)
2012-04-29 16:13:06Video Flip Creator @ Frankfurt Airport
2012-03-25 19:11:16Another Cool Event Utilize Video Flip
2012-03-06 16:07:21Video Flip Creator V6 – Here We Come
2012-02-29 13:04:33Uk Enjoy Video Flip Madness
2012-02-04 10:02:28Cool And Fun Flipbook Movie Props
2012-01-22 17:00:43White Labeling Mobile Flipbook Studio
2012-01-22 13:59:01The Best Flipbooks Green Screen Technology
2011-12-23 16:56:50How To Cut Flipbook Efficiently With Martin Yale Cutter
2011-12-01 18:37:57Iaapa 2011 – Booth 4511- Thank You For Visiting Us
2011-11-27 16:00:24Caricature Touch – Free Upgrade To V2.1.0
2011-11-20 15:30:24Merry Christmas – Video Flip Creator V5
2011-11-13 19:00:27Our Customers From Germany Take Advantage Of Foto Master’s Advanced Green Screen Technology
2011-11-13 18:19:33The Philippines Enjoy Video Flip Technology
2011-10-06 09:40:49The Mobile Flipbook On The Dresden City Festival 2011
2011-09-05 22:45:09Iaapa 2011 Here We Come! – Booth 4511

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