Neon Video Booth V2.2.4

If you aren’t yet familiar with Neon Video Booth, get ready for an exciting product to add to your arsenal!

Foto Master’s Neon Video Booth software brings pictures to life with the use of an LED light to create vivid neon illustrations using the movement of your hands. The software uses a sophisticated and intuitive algorithm to track the light with your motion and its results are astonishing! Beautiful and bright drawings fill the screen with drawings you create.

With our latest software update, V2.2.4 takes the neon writing craze seen all over social media to a whole new level. New features include an adjustable stabilizator to track the main light source and filter out the rest with an intuitive and speedy algorithm as well as an adjustable time-recording setting. Our latest updates will ensure all of your guests get to enjoy the interactive experience and walk away with a fun keepsake or even share their vivid illustrations on social media.

Change Log

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