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Printing Faces on Face Masks

No more hiding behind a mask! Print your face to complete the picture

In this article, we will demonstrate how Foto Master customers can print personalized masks using the Foto Master Photo Booth software. This can be used with the Foto Master Photo Booth software on our Mirror products as well as Foto Master DSLR Photo Booths or as a standalone setup with a monitor.

Final product demonstration: A man wearing a mask with his face printed on it as created using a Foto Master Photo Booth product and printing a face mask feature


Selecting the right Printer

When it comes to the printer, you have 2 options:

Please watch the video below to understand the advantages and disadvantages in each solution:

Selecting the right Heat Presser

For creating masks we will use a 2-step operation. First is printing on a transfer paper and then using a heat presser to transfer the image to the mask.
The size of the mask that you choose will determine the heat presser size required. The process of using your heat press machine on the mask depends on the material you are using and the heat press machine itself. In this article we will demonstrate using a 6” x 6” heat press machine and the steps we to transfer the image onto the mask:

Setting up your preset in Mirror Me Software

A screenshot from the Foto Master Photo Booth software demonstrating how the layout of the Face Mask printing feature is designed in the Layout tab.Screenshot from the Foto Master Photo Booth software of a man positioning his face according to an outline appearing on the screen in order to get the correct area of his face printed on the maskA before and after picture. On the left is the original photo and on the right is the original photo after applying a specially designed Photoshop Droplet to achieve a curvy effect for best face mask printing results.

on the left, you will see the before photo, and on the right you will see the photo after the droplet was executed.

Note: Make sure to have Photoshop running in the background. If for some reason you receive an error from Photoshop, close the Photoshop program and relaunch it in Administrator mode (right-click the shortcut-> Run as administrator.

Below you will find the example workflow:

A screenshot from the Foto Master Photo Booth software demonstrating the workflow design for the Face Mask printing feature.

Download our Sample Preset

To download our preset example with the droplet and assets

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