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Top 10 Tasks that Successful Photo Booth Rental Business Owners Work on during Coronavirus

Foto Master's VP of Sales Barry Cohen guides you through the top tasks to work on during coronavirus to grow your photo booth rental business' success once events restart.



Balance Is the Key to Everything

  • First step would be to list out all expenses related to your business. From there go to an accountant and review those costs. You can start to categorize what is fixed vs. what is variable – what you can optimize – etc.
  • With the accountant – go over how you should plan for rainy days. Asking how much money you can or should put away from each event or at the end of each month will help formulate your revenue goals.
  • Shop around for alternative vendors and service providers such as Lawyer, Accountant, Insurance Company, etc.


The Sweet Spot

  • Now that we understand our Cost, what is your Break Even price?
  • Research your market to see what others are charging and what they are offering. If someone is offering advanced services and undercharging they are not a good example regardless how many are following their lead. Look for those who offer a lot and charge accordingly.
  • Create Package Pricing. For example, offering 3 packages, each with more added value, transforms a negotiation on price to a conversation about experience and value.

Find Your Customer

Identify your target before you pull the trigger

  • What type of customer are you focusing on mostly? Or do you Spray and Pray with no real focus? There are Social events, such as Weddings, Birthdays, Baby-Showers, etc. And there are Corporate events where the event is trying to promote something. Each of these requires a completely different approach in terms of your website, advertising, pricing and communication.

Focusing Event Types

Where The Party At?

  • When are you looking to do events – nights, days, weekends, weekdays, etc.?
  • Do you like working with kids, with teens, young adults or mixed audiences?

These preferences will dictate the types of events you would generally do.


Your Crew

Run a Tight Ship

  • Is there a team member you are constantly worried about? Someone you’re never quite at ease with sending your booth with to an event. A good solid team is the foundation of every business – get the best, take good care of them and make sure to take out the bad weeds as those can poison the team’s morale and affect your service and ultimately your business profitability.

Your Website

Your Store Window

  • A good website not only looks good and inviting but can also generate those high quality leads you need to sustain your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization – we cannot emphasize the importance of organic search enough. Read about it, ask about it but get with the program: You need a professional SEO expert to build and work on your website. Good SEO for a contemporary business’ website is as important as having opposing thumbs.
  • Design Style: Remember targeting your audience? Now design your website to relate to that audience. This is usually something you’ll source out, but if you feel like having a crack at it – and it ends up looking good – more power to you!!

Your Marketing

The Best Marketing Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing

  • Use the research and insights you’ve gathered above when writing your marketing hooks and content. Make it exciting and catchy! if you’re not too good with the pen, source this out but get it done, and done well.
  • Get yourself a Video Ad that POPS that you can use on Google and Facebook to promote your amazing photo booth.
  • Remember, Marketing is about results! If it brings results – it’s working. If it isn’t – change it. Get those incoming leads!

Learning Your Software

An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest

  • Schedule an online session with the Support team.
  • Read the User Manual: yes, the Manual. It’s a long document that lists and explains every single component of the software. It’s not an action novel, but it can sure teach you an exciting thing or two!
  • Check out the Foto Master knowledge base for articles and video tutorials about features that peaked your interest. Foto Master support team created many different guides about various subjects that can elevate your understanding of the software.
  • Learn how to create a set of presets with example overlays and workflows for any occasion. It will help you generate a better sales pitch, and shorten the process of preparing for a new event.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try new things! Test out a new feature you just learned about, see how it behaves and how you can incorporate it in the future.

Your Equipment

A Good System Shortens The Road To The Goal

  • Fix equipment issues – get whatever’s not working serviced or replaced. You have the time – use it!
  • Acquire items and products you need – Backdrop, props, stands or a new photo booth – many vendors and manufacturers are running specials during this time.
  • Unusable units – look into selling them even at a loss. better than unusable junk taking up space.

Your Sales Skills

Learn More. Book More.

  • Read about selling. Watch YouTube videos. Try new lines on friends and family. Sales is no mystery or magic – it’s understanding people, emotions, drives and it’s understanding your real value. There is SO MUCH information out there – Unless you’re already a Billionaire, don’t be too proud to learn new things.
  • Check out our new and exciting “Top 10 Sales Secrets” email for some more powerful tips!

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