Draw Me Bot: TURBO Drawing Speed

We are thrilled to announce that Foto Master's talented R&D team has developed a groundbreaking software update that has significantly increased the speed of our Draw Me Bot robotic arms.

With this innovative update, the Draw Me Bot can now complete its artistic creations in half the time, without compromising on quality.

During the research and development process, our team encountered challenges in accelerating the robot arms’ commands while ensuring smooth and precise lines. However, our dedicated engineers persevered and found a solution by incorporating sturdy paper holders that enhance the arms’ stability. In addition, we have introduced multiple speed options, allowing our customers to have better control over the drawing process.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of our software developers, the Draw Me Bot’s pen speed has doubled for both work speed and jog speed. Tasks that previously took 80 seconds to complete now require only 40 seconds, while drawings that used to take 2 minutes, such as intricate beards, can now be finished in just 1 minute.

We are delighted to make this exciting new feature available to all existing Draw Me Bot owners, as well as those considering adding this incredible product to their collection. The improved drawing speed, coupled with Foto Master’s best drawing quality, makes the Draw Me Bot a true game-changer for the event rental industry.

Visit the product page for a full overview of the Draw Me Bot: Foto Master’s AI-based drawing robot photo booth.

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