Virtual Mirror Photo Booth

Offer a virtual mirror photo booth experience in Zoom meetings or live streams using your existing Foto Master products.

What if you could send a photo from your phone to your mirror photo booth and have it trigger the workflow as if you were actually there? Imagine the creative concepts you could offer with this feature! Well, you guessed it, Foto Master’s photo booth software now allows you to hold a collaborative photo booth experience over Zoom with a virtual mirror photo booth!


You can now live stream your video feed, join a Zoom meeting and let your virtual event’s guests enjoy the experience while watching each other interact with your mirror photo booth virtually!

A screenshot from the Foto Master Photo Booth software demonstrating the workflow design for the Virtual Photo Booth ExperienceA screenshot from the Foto Master Photo Booth software demonstrating the features settings tabA screenshot from the Foto Master Photo Booth software demonstrating the Virtual Photo Booth Trigger Option

About Virtual Photo Booth Experiences, and How this New One is a Game-Changer

Virtual photo booth experiences can never fully replace hands-on ones. This is mainly because interacting with a photo booth at an event is a social experience. Guests watch while others interact with the photo booth, watch each other pose, wait to see how the photos turn out, and try to imitate or top one another while all eyes are on them.

The usual virtual photo booth experiences are private in nature. Participants either upload a photo and receive a branded version, sometimes with the background removed, or experience a private session on their phones. However, a photo booth experience all alone is disappointing.

But what if you could offer a virtual photo booth experience that is fully social? One where others can watch each participant pose, preview the results together with him and feel like it’s a real in person event? What if this solution already existed in your photo booth software and you could unlock all the exciting features you use during real events and offer them to your clients?

Foto Master is introducing the first virtual mirror photo booth for Zoom and live streaming, allowing you to offer new concepts:

Don’t let the current challenges stop you from offering clients creative and interactive attractions and add a whimsical touch to their virtual events. Take the experience of your Foto Master photo booth to the virtual sphere and help your clients create memorable moments for their online guests, have a laugh and enjoy being with each other even when their far away.

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