Introducing Online Galleries: Sharing is Easier Than Ever!

Dive into a New Era of Photo Booth File Sharing with Foto Master Cloud’s Latest Feature: Online Galleries. Showcase and Distribute Your Event Photos, Effortlessly!

Tired of the post-event struggle? As a photo booth owner, you know the challenges all too well. The event may be over, but the real work begins: Collecting photos, transferring files, juggling multiple third-party apps, and dealing with slow upload speeds or clunky sharing mechanisms – it’s a daunting task. Plus, the extra costs of these services eat into your profits, adding to the frustration.

Say goodbye to these hassles; everything you need is now integrated seamlessly within the Foto Master ecosystem, creating a reliable, all-in-one solution for showcasing event memories like never before!
We’re thrilled to introduce Online Galleries, a new Foto Master Cloud feature that redefines how you share event files, putting the power back in your hands.


Online Galleries allow you to share your event outputs (photos, videos, and GIFs) in real-time, seamlessly integrated with our photo booth software. Files sync automatically from your booth to a fully customizable gallery, with each photo receiving its own landing page and sharing options.

Instant Sharing with QR Codes: Elevate your sharing experience by linking your Online Gallery to the QR Feature! Guests can simply scan the unique QR code displayed on the booth screen after each session to access their photos on their dedicated landing page or the full gallery. From there, they can effortlessly view, download, or share their cherished memories to social media!


The new “Events” tab in the Foto Master Cloud dashboard simplifies event management like never before:

Screenshot of Foto Master Cloud's Event tab and Gallery settings


Foto Master Cloud’s Online Galleries integrates effortlessly with your existing Foto Master software.
The ”Cloud” and ”Events” → “Cloud Sync” tabs in the software provide comprehensive control over file management and sharing settings, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Screenshot of Foto Master Photo Booth software showcasing Cloud Event Settings


Online Galleries are more than just a convenience; they’re a game-changer for your photo booth business. This powerful tool simplifies your workflow and delivers a superior experience to your clients, making your business stand out. Here’s how Online Galleries can benefit your business:


Simply grab the embed code and add it to your website for full white labeling. Here’s an example:


Ready to elevate your photo booth business with Online Galleries?
Join Foto Master Cloud today and be among the first to explore this powerful tool.
*Note: Online Galleries are available exclusively with Basic & Pro plans.

By joining Foto Master Cloud, you also gain access to:

Seamless integration: Works flawlessly with your existing Foto Master software.
Affordable credit rate: Offer AI services without breaking the bank.
User-friendly dashboard: Track usage and optimize your offerings.
Fast, high-quality results: Keep guests engaged with speedy processing and unmatched AI quality.

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