Razor Mirror Booth

Razor Mirror Booth: Reinventing the Mirror Photo Booth

Meet the Razor, the first-ever iPad Mirror Photo Booth, designed to be the highlight of any event with its sleek design and cutting-edge features.

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Discover the Razor Difference: Elegantly Designed, Effortlessly Portable, Simple to Operate, and Brimming with Cutting-Edge Technology.


Easy to Operate

The Razor Mirror Booth is the first of its kind using minimum connected components. No Sync Cords, No Hot Shoe, No Strobe Flash, No DSLR Camera, No Mini PC. The whole booth is running from an iPad using it as the operation system as well as for the Camera. Nowadays with the latest iPad Pro taking breathtaking photos quality photos is not a question anymore and the amount of features and options provided with the powerful camera array is exciting and refreshing. When there are so few cables and electronic components less things can go wrong at an event.

A woman interacting with the user-friendly interface of the Razor Mirror Booth, displaying a 'Let's get this party started!' message.
User-Friendly Razor Mirror Booth

Easy To Transport

The Razor Mirror Booth is the slimmest and easiest Mirror Photo Booth to transport. Just 60 lbs packed in a protective case and transported with a Hand Truck that we provide you as part of the package.

When collapsed for easy transportation, the Razor Mirror Booth measures 62.8″ in height, 27.4″ in width, and 63.8″ in depth, making it compact enough to fit inside most private cars.


Camera Tilting

We designed a unique way to tilt and point the camera to your desired angle, a quick back cover is detached and allows you to position the camera to your liking and then quickly attach it back again.

Adjusting the tilting camera mechanism on the Razor Mirror Booth for the perfect shot.
Razor Mirror Booth Tilting Camera Feature

Quick to Set Up and Tear Down

The Razor Mirror Booth boasts the fastest setup in its class. Simply pull the Razor from its case, connect the iPad, adjust the camera to your desired position, plug into power, and hit ‘Start’ to activate your workflow. In just moments, you’re ready to go.


RGBW Neon Light Framing

Enhance your events with the Razor Mirror Booth’s RGBW Neon Light Framing. This feature offers fully customizable and controllable lighting options. Whether you want a steady glow, a subtle blink, or a dynamic color change, these neon lights can be tailored to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Razor Mirror Booth highlighted by its vibrant RGBW neon light frame, featuring interactive touch start screen.
Razor Mirror Booth with RGBW Neon Light Frame

In-Glass Arrow LED Indicator

The Arrow LED Indicator is a captivating enhancement that directs a dynamic arrow-shaped light within the mirror, guiding participants’ attention straight to the camera lens for the perfect shot.

This innovative feature is fully integrated with Foto Master’s FMBooth software, allowing complete customization of the arrow’s animation style (such as a sweeping motion, a pulsing glow, or a static pointing), the animation speed, and the color scheme. Customize each stage of the user interaction by assigning different animations, speeds, and colors to create an engaging and seamless experience for every participant.

User making a peace sign with the Razor Mirror Booth featuring an Arrow LED Indicator for guidance
Razor Mirror Booth with Arrow LED Indicator

Wireless & Wired Printing

Experience seamless printing with the Razor Mirror Photo Booth, powered by Foto Master’s proprietary Print Pal Solution. Offering both wired and wireless connectivity, this innovative system allows for direct, hassle-free printing. Choose between standard 6×4 prints or fun 2x6x2 strip formats. The Print Pal simplifies the printing process, making it more efficient and user-friendly for any event.

Hand holding photo prints with Razor Mirror Booth in the background, highlighting wireless and wired printing options.
Razor Mirror Booth Printing Options

Unique Touch Technology

Foto Master invented a new hardware that was able to control the iPad Touch using Mirror Touch Technology allowing this magic to happen! Exciting and amazing technology!

Interactive Razor Mirror Booth with touch screen start feature, part of Foto Master's inventive technology.
Razor Mirror Booth with Touch Technology

Out of The Box Content

Elevate events with our ready-to-use, diverse collection of animations, layouts, and video presets


400+ Animations

Our software is enriched with a vast library of over 400 hand-drawn animations, crafted by talented artists. This collection, which represents tens of thousands of dollars in value, is available to you right from the start. Plus, you have the flexibility to add your own custom animations, allowing for even more personalized and unique photo booth experiences.


200+ Photo Layout Templates

Our software offers a diverse range of over 200 photo layout templates, providing you with a plethora of options to suit any event theme or style. These templates are designed to add variety and creativity to your photo booth experiences, ensuring that there’s a perfect match for every occasion.


Video Presets and Workflows

Foto Master has crafted a variety of workflows and video output options, offering cool and engaging experiences. These presets are ready for you to select, make minor personal tweaks, and start using immediately. This feature is designed to streamline your setup and enhance the overall experience with minimal effort.

iPad showing Foto Master's Presets page with various photo and video workflow options.
Foto Master Video and Workflow Presets: Innovation at Your Fingertips

Download Center

Stay up-to-date with Foto Master’s latest content through the built-in Download Center. Here, you can easily access new releases, watch demonstration videos of the presets, and download the ones you want to use at your next event. This feature ensures you always have access to fresh and exciting content to enhance your photo booth experiences.

iPad displaying Foto Master's Download Center page with a list of photo and sharing presets for various occasions
FMBooth Download Center: Your Portal to Fresh Event Content


Power up your events with FMBooth: Our exclusive, feature-rich software that turns every interaction into a fun-filled, memorable experience, full with engaging content.


Experience Selection

This feature lets you set up different interactive options for your guests. You can create several experiences, each with its own animations and activities. Guests can then pick their favorite one from a simple selection screen. For more variety, you can organize these experiences into categories, making it even easier for guests to find the perfect fit for their mood.


Random Animations

Keep the excitement alive at every event with our Random Animations feature. Instead of repeating the same animations, our software surprises your guests by randomly selecting from a variety of fun and engaging animations. This element of surprise adds a fresh and entertaining twist to each interaction, ensuring a unique and memorable experience every time.


Augmented Reality

Make your photo experiences unforgettable with this feature. It allows you to add virtual elements, like celebrities or cartoon characters, into photos, creating a unique and interactive selfie experience. This not only impresses your clients but also offers upselling opportunities by enhancing photographs with creative and fun virtual additions.


Sign and Draw with Custom Emojis

Not only does our Sign and Draw feature allow guests to add personal touches to their photos, but it also offers the ability to customize the emoji selection. This means you can tailor the emojis available to fit the theme of the event or preferences of your guests, making the experience even more interactive and enjoyable.


Photo Filter Selection

Enhance your guests’ experiences by offering them a choice of photo filters. Our selection includes a variety of options, like the popular ‘Glam’ beauty filter for a polished look, along with timeless black and white, warm sepia, and playful cartoon filters and more. This feature allows guests to personalize their photos to match their style, adding an extra layer of fun to their photo booth experience.


Advanced AI Features via Foto Master Cloud

Elevate your guest experiences with the innovative Foto Master Cloud AI. Our cutting-edge AI features, including Face Swap, AI Background Removal, AI Cartoons and much more… add a unique and interactive dimension to any event. Discover the full potential of these tools at our dedicated cloud website: Foto Master Cloud AI.

As part of any package purchase, enjoy a complimentary one-year subscription to our Basic Package. This offer equips you with the essential tools to host multiple events, providing online AI capabilities at no additional cost. Start transforming your events with the power of AI today!



You’ll be able to combine quick touch-based games as part of the workflow for an engaging, interactive experience.
Two interactive games are available for optional inclusion in an event’s workflow. The included games are ‘3 Shells and a Pea’ and ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’.


Advanced Video Capabilities

Explore Advanced Video Capabilities with FMBooth: Unleash your creativity with features like Cool Boomerang Videos, Slowmo and FastMo adjustments, and a range of special video effects.

Enhance your videos with custom overlays, post and pre-roll options, and create dynamic, visually stunning outputs.

Plus, with the ability to record videos with sound, it’s perfect for confession booths and more, adding an extra dimension to your event experiences.

Woman interacting with an advanced video feature on a Foto Master booth.
FMBooth's Advanced Video Features: Elevate Your Event with Innovative Video Tech

Sharing Options

Users can directly print, email, or send an SMS with their photo or video creations, making the experience both engaging and efficient. This feature highlights the seamless integration of innovative technology with user interaction, perfect for a quick share or a tangible keepsake.


The Workflow Builder

The Workflow Builder feature is a cornerstone for creating bespoke event experiences. It grants customers the power to meticulously define every aspect of the photo booth experience. From setting up animations and screen views to integrating unique features, every step of the guest interaction can be tailored to fit the theme and energy of the event. This intuitive tool makes crafting an engaging, streamlined photo booth process a seamless part of event planning, ensuring that guests leave with lasting memories.


The Layout Builder

Foto Master’s FMBooth App is a powerful tool that allows users to fully customize photo frames with simplicity and precision. This software, presented on a user-friendly layout editor, is perfect for enhancing the photo booth printed template before the event. With options to modify layouts, add visual elements, and tailor dimensions, the Photo Layout Designer empowers users to craft unique, memorable photo keepsakes for their clients, making every print as special as the moment captured.


The Video Output Builder

The Video Preset Builder in the FMBooth App is a game-changer for pre-producing event videos that dazzle and delight. This innovative feature allows you to define custom video edits, ensuring that every video produced at your event is infused with creativity and style. Pre-program effects, overlays, pre-rolls, and post-rolls to give a cinematic quality to your event’s memories. With the Video Preset Builder, the FMBooth App transforms the way you create event videos, making every moment not just captured, but artistically crafted according to your predefined configurations. Enhance your event with videos that are not just watched but experienced.

The "Foto Master Advantage" Service Package

Get ahead and stay ahead with Foto Master's included 24/7 support, software upgrades, marketing materials, access to the Leads Distribution Platform and much more!


We’ve Got You Covered: 24/7 Support You Can Rely On

If you think our products are cool, just wait until you meet Foto Master’s support team. We are all about giving you true peace of mind.

You will get personal attention from professionals who really care about you and 24/7 availability by phone, online chat, email, Skype, or Facebook.


Supply of Exclusive Leads

Upon your purchase of a Foto Master photo booth you will be given access to the ‘Lead Distribution Platform’ (LDP) – a dedicated system developed by Foto Master to help you speed up your return on investment.

The system automatically provides you with contact details (leads) of people in your area currently interested in renting your model of Foto Master photo booth.

  • The leads are sourced by Foto Master directly.
  • The leads are shared quickly, keeping them current for you.
  • The leads you receive are not shared with anyone else, keeping them exclusive for you.
  • The contacts expect a product owner in their area to contact them with an offer.

For more information about how the system works, visit this blog post.


Keeping Your Service Fresh: Constant Software Upgrades

Amaze your clients with the latest, cutting-edge photo booth features and exclusive premium content assets on a regular basis.

With the “Foto Master Advantage” service package, your lifetime software license gets constantly upgraded with both major and seasonal version releases.

Software releases include new, often game-changing capabilities and industry-leading features developed by Foto Master as well as exclusive premium content assets that keep you way ahead of the competition.

Foto Master: Software Upgrades

Your New Family: A Friendly Community of Foto Master’s Photo Booth Owners

We have a group on Facebook for Foto Master’s photo booth owners to which we’ll add you after completing your personal training session.

Once you join as a member, you’ll find a very active, warm and friendly community with helpful discussions, resource sharing, sharing of experiences, software update announcements and much more. It works, looks and feels like a real family.

The Foto Master Family Facebook Group


Choose your package.

Foto Master iPad Photo Booth App: Lifetime License Razor Mirror Booth Shell Special, 60″ Tempered Mirror Glass Neon RGBW LED Custom Touch Overlay Foto Master Touch Mediator 32″ TV In-Glass Arrow LED Indicator Protective Padded Case Hand Truck Apple iPad Pro Dye-Sub Printer Printer Media Print Pal 24/7 Support Service: One Year Free Software Upgrades: One Year Free Foto Master Cloud, Annual Basic Package: One Year Free Lead Distribution Platform: One Year Free Personal Training Session: Online Training Guides & Videos: Unlimited Access Marketing Materials

Support & Upgrades: 24/7 Support and upgrades are on us for the first year. Keep it going after that for just $325/year (optional).

Foto Master Cloud AI: One year FREE Basic Plan subscription. Switch to our Free Pay-as-you-go, Basic, or Pro plan at any time. For details, visit Foto Master Cloud Page.

There are no revenue share conditions or any hidden usage fees. All policies are available in the following link: Policies.

Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive the license key, download link, access to marketing materials and the recommended hardware list.

Once all of the equipment arrives our support team will schedule an online training session with you to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to its full potential.

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