LDP: Lead Distribution Platform

As part of Foto Master’s global marketing effort, website visitors sometimes inquire for event rentals directly with us. While we do not offer a rental service, these leads can turn into revenue for our customers. We’ve added an option on our website’s contact form which will allow a website visitor to inquire for an event rental knowing their contact details will be shared with one of our customers.

But to whom shall we provide the lead? At Foto Master, we love all of our customers equally! Thus, we are excited to introduce the new LDP (Lead Distribution Platform).

The LDP is a new SaaS (Software As A Service) solution for Foto Master product owners that will spread leads out evenly. This system will allow our customers to acquire rental leads that have reached Foto Master. Only one owner will have access to the lead’s contact details based on their (the owner’s) selected location and the amount of leads they have already received.

How It Works: Rules & Guidelines

The winner will be selected based on the following algorithm:

If there are no coins under the rental lead’s event location:

Important Information:

Screenshot: Lead Distribution Platform by Foto Master

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