Augmented Reality Photo Booth

Augmented Reality Photo Booth wows guests as their image is augmented with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. The guests interact and control the experience using hand gestures to create an extraordinary photo keepsake.

The Way it Works

The guests stand in front of the open air photo booth and watch themselves appear on a large monitor. Instantly, random 3D props are loaded onto the screen, where the guest is able to move and interact with the props as if they are real objects.

The guest is able to switch through the random props by raising their right hand above their head. The Augmented Reality Booth also utilizes a new technology that allows the user to remove and replace the background without the need of a physical green screen backdrop. Guests can position themselves anywhere in the world with virtual props on them!

When the guest is ready take their photo, they simply raise their left hand and motion to select the camera or video icon. A memorable Augmented Reality photo can then be printed, emailed, or shared to social media using a third-party app.


Know the product's advantages.

Fast and Accurate Participant Detection
Supports Up to 6 Simultaneous Participants
Integrated Gesture Detection
Touch Support
Dozens of Augmented 3D Props Built-In
Integrated 3D Props Editor
Supports Your Own, Custom 3D Props
Green Screen Support
Automatic Background Removal Without Backdrop
Supports Custom, Branded Overlays
Supports Custom Countdown Animations
Photo Retake Feature
Photo Printing
Photo Emailing
Photo & Video Sharing
Photo & Video Saving
And More...

Fast and Accurate Participant Detection

The virtual 3D props appear on the participant’s image in real-time while displaying at full HD quality.

Participant detection, based on the Kinect 2, is extremely accurate, allowing props to load to the appropriate body part on the image – head, eyes, right hand or left hand.

Supports Up to 6 Simultaneous Participants

Get up to 6 times the fun and workflow efficiency with the built-in multi-user support.

Integrated Gesture Detection

Each participant can individually switch their prop by raising their right hand. Raising both hands up reloads the previous prop.

Pointing gestures are also supported for common commands, including: Starting photo countdown, starting video recording, saving, printing, sharing, etc.

Touch Support

Aside from the use of gesture detection, the Augmented Reality Photo Booth software also supports touch interaction when connected to a touch screen.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Users are Wowed by the real-time appearance of the 3D Props
Users are Wowed by the real-time appearance of the 3D Props
Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Wedding Guests Operating the Experience with Hand Gestures
Wedding Guests Operating the Experience with Hand Gestures

Built-In, Augmented 3D Props

Static Props

The software comes equipped with over 50 static props, including; hats, glasses, festive objects, special items like a hand shield, and more.

Animated Props

In addition to static props, there are over 20 animated props available out-of-the-box. These include a raining cloud, a spinning basketball, a bouncing football, a jewelry box that reveals an engagement ring, and more.

Supports Your Own, Custom 3D Props

You can easily download 3D props from the internet or create you own to extend your library of props. This option allows you to offer customized props to a theme party or a conceptual event. The software supports 4 different file types for your custom 3D props: .DAE, .OBJ and .3DS.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth: A Selfie of Wedding Guests Featuring Different Built-In 3D Props
A Selfie of Wedding Guests Featuring Different Built-In 3D Props
Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Custom MineCraft Styled 3D Props
Custom MineCraft Styled 3D Props
Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Emojies Used as Custom 3D Props
Emojies Used as Custom 3D Props

Integrated 3D Props Editor

The Augmented Reality Photo Booth software integrates a 3D element editor, allowing you to create custom playlists of 3D props for specific events, based on the theme of the event.

The editor also allows you to optimize lighting, scaling, rotation and body-snapping position for every 3D prop.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Screenshot of the 3D props editor
Screenshot of the 3D props editor

Background Removal

The Augmented Reality Photo Booth not only supports background removal but also offers two different automatic methods of accomplishing this feature based on your preference for the event.

Green Screen Support

The software supports the use of a green screen backdrop and automates the chroma-key background removal in real-time. The background replacement is uninterrupted, even as the participant moves in front of the camera.

Advanced green screen optimization control bars are also available for your disposal in cases where lighting conditions require a manual adjustment.

Automatic Background Removal Without Backdrop

The software instinctively offers the option for automatic background removal without a backdrop. This function is based on the integrated Kinect 2 technology.

Using this option eliminates the need to carry a backdrop and find a position for it in the venue. It can help you minimize the footprint of the photo booth. Also, it allows you to use whatever background you wish at the venue, no color restrictions.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Background Being Removed and Replaced with No Backdrop
Background Being Removed and Replaced with No Backdrop

Background Replacement

This feature allows complete control over background replacement. You can let the user choose a background at the start of the workflow, you can pre-set a background yourself, you can set an automatic slideshow of backgrounds… you can even switch backgrounds dynamically during the workflow with a pre-defined keyboard shortcut for each background.

Animated, video backgrounds are also supported! The whole experience can be recorded as a video clip and shared online via third-party apps.

The Augmented Reality Photo Booth comes with built-in static and animated backgrounds you can use out-of-the-box, while also supporting the ability to add your own custom backgrounds. Custom backgrounds can be branded corresponding to the theme of the event.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Screenshot of background selection thumbnails
Screenshot of background selection thumbnails

Supports Custom, Branded Overlays

Custom overlays can be set and changed easily with a click of button. You can control whether the overlay displays on then screen during the live augmented reality experience or just on the final image printout.

Supports Custom Countdown Animations

When ready to take a photo during the Augmented Reality experience, the participant activates the “take photo” button to start an animated countdown. This countdown can be fully customized by loading your own animation. You can use this option to make the animation correspond with the theme of the event as well.

Photo Retake Feature

After taking a photo with Augmented Reality, the participant is presented with a preview so he can retake a photo before printing it, if desired. This feature allows you to ensure all participants walk away from the experience with a smile.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth: A branded overlay example from a Fanta event
A branded overlay example from a Fanta event

Printing, Saving & Sharing Options

After getting the perfect shot of the augmented reality experience, the participants can choose their preffered memorabilia form.

Photo Printing

A premium-quality photo can be instantly printed on-site. The printout will include the optional background and overlay set for the workflow, the participants and the props. All printers are supported.

Photo Emailing

A photo can be instantly emailed to an email address provided by the participant. You have complete control over the email’s “from”, “subject” and “message” fields.

Photo & Video Sharing

Using a social sharing stand equipped with a tablet and a third-party social sharing app, the photo or video clip of the experience can be published online via the user’s social media profile. Upon purchase of the Augmented Reality Photo Booth, Foto Master presents you with a significant discount coupon for a third-party social sharing app.

Photo & Video Saving

You can save photos and videos from the event locally on the Augmented Reality Photo Booth software. Choose whether to save videos as animated .GIF files or as a .MP4 file. In addition, you can choose whether to automatically save the experience after preview, printing or sharing.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth: Sharing the Photo by Email, Facebook or Twitter using a tablet
Sharing the Photo by Email, Facebook or Twitter using a tablet
Augmented Reality Photo Booth: An Example of an Image Printed On-Site at an Event
An Example of an Image Printed On-Site at an Event


Choose your package.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth Software: Lifetime License Kinect for XBOX One + PC Adapter 55″ TV + TV Stand High-End PC Dye-Sub Printer 24/7 Support Service: One Year Free Software Upgrades: One Year Free Lead Distribution Platform: One Year Free Personal Training Session: Online Marketing Materials

Optional: you may opt to annually renew the 'One Year Free' services of your chosen package for US$345.

There are no revenue share conditions or any hidden usage fees. All policies are available in the following link: Policies.

Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive the license key, download link, access to marketing materials and the recommended hardware list.

Once all of the equipment arrives our support team will schedule an online training session with you to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to its full potential.

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What is the suggested rental rate for the Augmented Reality Photo Booth?

Augmented Reality Photo Booth is an incredibly interactive and unique service and our customers command top dollar for it! Many are charging between $350-$550 per hour, so it really is an incredible ROI!

How much does the paper cost to print per event?

The cost per print will depend on the printer you use, but most dye sublimation printers (including the one we provide to you in the Turn Key package) print photos at a cost of $0.13 per 4”x6”. This is the cost for both the ink and paper! We find that our customers do not typically print more than 300-400 photos at an event, so you are looking at a cost for prints at only around $52 per event!

Can I purchase the DIY package and your Photo Booth Stand separately to the Turn Key system?

Yes you can. Contact our sales team for more details.

Once I purchase the DIY package, what is the next step?

Within 24 hours you will get an email with your license key, software download, recommended hardware list, marketing materials, and manual. Once you have the complete system in your office, out technical support team will do the online training session with you.

I already own a photo booth, can I use my setup with your software?

Yes. You will probably have to purchase the Kinect for XBOX as well. Having said that our photo booth stand is very a professional and unique offering. Letting people interact with the software on a 55” monitor increases the excitement.

On which operating system is Augmented Reality Photo Booth supported?

Windows 8.1 and 10.

I’m really new to using Augmented Reality, is it hard to learn?

Augmented Reality is not a difficult software to learn, but like anything, there can be a learning curve to figuring out something new. However, we have the best technical support team in the industry and they are there to show and teach you how everything operates.

I have a logo for my event, is there a way to put that onto the photo?

You can create your own cover overlay which loads to the foreground of an image as a transparent PNG file.

Can I create my own digital props?

Yes, of course! Our software already comes with 50 digital props, but it’s super simple to incorporate your own customized designs. You just need to create them as either .obj, .3ds, or .dae. The props can be animated or static and are anchored on the head, eyes, right hand, left hand, or torso.

Can I share the output on social networks?

Yes. The software allows you to save the finished photo or video and share via email.

I want to create a custom prop, but I don’t have a good designer, can you help me?

Yes, Of course! We have an amazing in house design team that will be able to assist you. Please contact us for more information and design pricing.

I see that the Augmented Reality Photo Booth allows for people to be superimposed on a background without a green screen, how many options can I offer to participants?

You are able to offer up to 5 different backgrounds for participants to be superimposed onto. Further, these backgrounds can be either videos or still images!

How many people can use the Augmented Reality Photo Booth at the same time?

Up to 6 people can participate at a time.

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