Video Flip: Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio

In less than 90 seconds, guests record a short video clip that is automatically transformed into a 60-frame flip book. The flip book is then assembled and given to the guests to take home as a venue memorabilia.

How Does it Work?

The whole procedure takes less than 90 seconds, it is quick and simple; a video is recorded and turned into 60 photos that are printed out. The photos are then cut and arranged into the perfect keepsake – a personalized flip book with 60 images that come to life!

Video Flip Creator has many features like green screen, smart overlay, social network integration and many more options that your customers will love.

You will be able to print about 50 flip books per hour, which means over 200 flip books for a typical four-hour event. Next guest, please!

Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: A Typical Setup
A Quick Return of Investment



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Know the product's advantages.

A User-Friendly Interface
Supports Custom Interface Designs
Complete Control over Flip Book Sizing
Support for Multiple Camera Types
Green Screen Support
Automatic Background Removal without a Backdrop
Animated Backgrounds
Custom Overlays Support
Animated Text Overlays Feature
Flip Book Printing
Photo Printing
Flip Book, Video and Photo Sharing
Built-In Image Effects
And More...

A User-Friendly Interface

The Video Flip software features an intuitive, practical interface. Setting up and operating an event is a breeze.

An integrated full screen mode gives the participants an engaging experience as they record their flip book and watch themselves on the large screen TV.

Supports Custom Interface Designs

With integrated support for custom interface designs, you can white-label the software itself with your company’s branded assets or according to the event’s theme. Toolbar colors and icons can be modified and saved as custom-made themes ready for corresponding events.

The customization option is an extension to already-existing themes we provide out-of-the-box; a light theme and a dark theme.

Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: An Example of a Flip Book's Cards Generated from a Video Recording
An Example of a Flip Book's Cards Generated from a Video Recording

Complete Control over Flip Book Sizing

The Video Flip Software offers complete control over the flip book’s card number (amount of animation frames), card sizing and the image size within the cards!

These options allow for full compatibility with any cutter available in the market. This compatibility gives you the freedom to choose a preferred way for creating the flip books:

  • Flip book creation using a dye sub printer and a guillotine cutter – supported!
  • Flip book creation using a laser printer and a business card cutter – supported!

Support for Multiple Camera Types

You can choose to use a DSLR camera, a full HD webcam or a Kinect sensor. They are all natively supported by the Video Flip software.

Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: A Webcam Set Up on the Video Flip
A Webcam Set Up on the Video Flip

Background Removal

The Video Flip Studio not only supports background removal but also offers two different automatic methods of accomplishing this feature easily based on your preference for the event.

Green Screen Support

The software supports the use of a green screen as a backdrop and automates the chroma-key background removal in real-time. The background replacement is uninterrupted, even as the participant moves in front of the camera.

Advanced green screen optimization control bars are also available in situations where lighting conditions require manual adjustment.

Automatic Background Removal without a Backdrop

When using a Kinect 2 sensor as a camera, the software natively offers the option for automatic background removal without a backdrop. This function is based on the software’s integration with Kinect 2 technology.

Using this option eliminates the need to carry a backdrop and find a position for it in the venue. It can help you minimize the footprint of the photo booth. Also, it allows you to use whatever background you wish at the venue, no color restrictions.

Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: Set Up with a Green Screen for an Event at a Mall
Set Up with a Green Screen for an Event at a Mall
Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: Creating a Flip Book with a Green Screen
Creating a Flip Book with a Green Screen
Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: Creating a Flip Book with a Green Screen
Creating a Flip Book with a Green Screen

Background Replacement

You get complete control over background replacement. You can set a background at the start of each workflow or pre-set a background for the entire event.

Animated, video backgrounds are also supported!

The Video Flip Studio software comes with built-in static and animated backgrounds you can use out-of-the-box and also supports adding your own, custom backgrounds. Custom backgrounds can correspond to the theme of the event and to your branding assets.

Custom Overlays Support

You can add a custom overlay featuring your company’s logo for branding or an image corresponding to the event’s theme. Moreover, you get support for animated overlays! This means all of the elements of the flip book can be animated; the background, the participants and the overlay. Simply amazing!

Animated Text Overlays Feature

This feature allows you to add a moving title syncing with the speed of the flip book. You can include any desired text and choose any font that is installed on your computer.


Printing, Saving & Sharing Options

Flip Book Printing

A flexible layout system offers support for all cutters by including customization options of the card size, the image size in the card and the amount of cards per printed page. You can also control the card number for each flip book.

All printers are supported and the software is configured to achieve high-quality printouts for your flip books.

Photo Printing

In addition to presenting the guests with a flip book keepsake from the experience, you can also use the same workflow to output a photo keepsake. The photo can be composed of multiple images that are selected from the recorded video.

The layout of the photo printout can be fully branded and customized using a designated “What You See is What You Get” editor which is integrated with the Video Flip software.

Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: Close-up on a freshly printed flip book, being assembled
Close-up on a freshly printed flip book, being assembled

Flip Book, Video and Photo Sharing

Flip books, videos and photos generated by a video flip software can all be saved locally and shared via a third party app. There are several apps that allow monitoring of the saved folder and further sharing your guest generated media online. Most of those third parties offer an  optional social sharing stand on the side.

The software also supports audio in videos recorded for the flip book! When a participant shares a video version of the flip book online, it will deliver the entire experience. The soundtrack may consist of the live audio during the recording, or of a custom soundtrack selected for the video.

Built-In Image Effects

Video Flip Creator supports an effects list. Users can select the desired image effect they wish to apply on the recorded video. Among the effects, you will find; Black & White, Sepia, Fisheye, and many more!

Video Flip, Mobile Photo Flip Book Studio: An Example of a Flip Book Saved Online
An Example of a Flip Book Saved Online
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Video Flip Software: Lifetime License Brandable Stand for Dual-Sided Displays All-in-One Computer Display Monitor Guillotine Trimmer Stapler Staples Green Screen Backdrop Webcam LED Light Printer Printer Media 24/7 Support Service: One Year Free Software Upgrades: One Year Free Lead Distribution Platform: One Year Free Personal Training Session: Online Marketing Materials

Optional: you may opt to annually renew the 'One Year Free' services of your chosen package for US$295.

There are no revenue share conditions or any hidden usage fees. All policies are available in the following link: Policies.

Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive the license key, download link, access to marketing materials and the recommended hardware list.

Once all of the equipment arrives our support team will schedule an online training session with you to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to its full potential.

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Consider owners' thoughts.

“We used the Flip Books on Wednesday night and it was amazing!! We did about 150 books during a 4 hour event and we were constantly busy. Our staff learned how to do it and they got faster and faster as the night went on. Then on Thursday, we set it up at an Event Industry trade show and people loved it too! It really distinguished our booth and generated a lot of excitement. I made a couple of travel boxes for the equipment and will send you photos when we get a chance. Thank you for all your help!”

, Hart Entertainment. Rating: 5/5
David Hart

“It has only been a week since I bought Video Flip and I have already done my first event. After that event I got so much more demand, it was amazing! I will need 2 more licenses as soon as possible.”

, Marketing Toys. Rating: 5/5
Koray Ozdemir

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What is the suggested rental rate for Video Flip?

The Video Flip software offers an incredibly interactive and unique service and our customers command top dollar for it! Many are charging between $350-$550 per hour, so it really is an incredible ROI!

What is the average price per flip book?

Photo flip books (dye sub): Approximately $1.40-$1.70 for a flip book of 24 pages. The more pages you do, the more expensive it becomes. It depends on the amount of pages in the dye sub.

Paper flip books (color laser printer): Approximately $1.70-$2 for a flip book of 60 pages.

How many books can be produced in an hour period?

It depends on how many pages you’re printing and cutters/printers you’re operating, but typically customers are producing 30-50 flip books per hour.

What paper can I use to create my Flip Books?

Video Flip Creator V9 supports 2 types of flip books:

  1. Photo flip books (based on a dye sub printer). These flip books use photo paper that comes with the printer media. It includes the photo paper roll. You will need a small hand cutter guillotine for this option.
  2. Paper flip books (based on a color laser printer). We use thick card stock paper to create a paper flip book (usually between 160g to 190g or 0.35 lb. to 0.40 lb. paper). You will need a business card cutter for this option.

The supported paper size just depends on the business card cutter because within the software you make your own parameters for how the page is laid out. The most popular size is A4.

How much space do you recommend for a Video Flip setup?

We suggest having a space of at least 8ft wide by 8ft long. You can make this bigger or smaller, but it just depends on what you’re trying to capture in the video.

How many people can fit into a picture?

The amount of people that can fit into the video depends on your setup and the zoom of your camera. In one frame, you can probably fit between 5-8 people.

I’m really new to using Video Flip, is it hard to learn?

Video Flip is not a difficult software to learn, but like anything, there can be a learning curve to figuring out something new. However, we have the best technical support team in the industry and they are there to show and teach you how everything operates.

Can I adjust the recording time for Video Flip?

Yes, you can adjust the length of time people will record their video for.

What are some ways I can customize the user interface of Video Flip and the Flip Book?

Video Flip is an extremely customizable product. You can create custom screens (with your or your client’s logo) that guests interact with, add a digital overlay to the video with your clients logo, and design your own covers that the Flip Books are bound in.

How do I make custom covers?

You have 2 options:

  1. Send a design to a local print house, which can produce clean and professional looking covers (most of the time the client pay extra for it).
  2. You can use the custom card feature within the software which allows you to change the first page into a branded cover page. This is not a full cover but only additional 1 card as the cover.

Can I share the output on social networks?

Yes. Video Flip saves the Flip Book videos as MP4s which you can then share via a social media sharing station running a software like Pic Pic Social.

I want to create a custom overlay or cover, but I don’t have a good designer, can you help me?

Yes! We have an amazing in house design team that will be able to assist you. Please contact us for more information and design pricing.

Are background templates included, if so how many?

We provide more than 20 backgrounds videos, however you can also add your own backgrounds to the software as it is very simple to customize.

How often can I get to update these background templates?

When we release new versions, we often include new unique content for our customers to use. In addition to this, you have full customization ability for the background video/photo. In this case, you can either create your own or there are programs such as Video Blocks which also offer some great ones.

What differentiates your software versus others on the market?

The Foto Master flip book software is unlike any other flip book software. We offer a selection of customization abilities, for instance; our software has full white-labeling capabilities. This means that you can completely brand our software with your company’s logo and information rather than our own, which no other software can do.

Additionally, here are a few key points worth noting:

  • Our green screen feature is very flexible. We offer a wide selection of backgrounds that your guest can choose from; both video and static background options. (Ex: Breeze can only do one green screen background per event)
  • Our software offers a list of overlay and photo effect selections
  • The only software that supports video overlays (moving overlays)
  • Video Flip has the ability to save audio as well
  • A new feature we’ve added is customizable countdown animations
  • Supports saving the file as a Boomerang or GIF
  • Ability to create custom cards
  • Customizable text that can be edited within the software
  • Option to add a “Attract Mode” screen which is great for gathering more event guests at the Video Flip station – this screen shows the live-view/preview to catch the attention of the guests.
  • Overall, our software is the most feature-rich one you will find and offers the highest quality.

Once I place my order, how long will it take me to get everything?

We have an amazing production time for our Video Flip software so you receive everything pretty quickly.

If you order the DIY Package, once the payment is complete, you will receive your software download, license key, and marketing materials within 24 hours of purchase.

If you order the Turn Key, once the deposit is made, you will receive your marketing materials within 24 hours of purchase. After that, it takes normally about two to four weeks to gather your Video Flip equipment, install the additional hardware included in the package (your sales rep will confirm this timeline with you) and then ship it out to you!

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