Location: Mexico

Foto Master Product: Video Flip Creator

Main Market: Event Entertainment, Interactive Entertainment, Interactive Brand Activation, Interactive Sponsorship Activation, Interactive Corporate Event Entertainment.

FotoFlip: is the way to make your event more fun and give your guests a memory in motion.
FotoFlip is a Mexican family firm, FotoFlip is running since June 2012 with over 100 events held. They attend Mexican Republic best events.

How We Use Foto Master Products?

“We used Foto Master´s products in all kind of events (social and corporate events). We produced more than 100 events, and we can say that each is event is different of the other because the people change, place, clients, weather, etc. We have different amazing experience at the events.”

We Asked: “Why Foto Master?”

“We choose Foto Master because is a firm that offers an excellent support, and even more while we are in events and some questions raise or some doubts on usage, Foto Master answer all your emails or even better controls your computer giving you the answer. Also they hear the recommendations and they constantly updates the software based on the market needs.”

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