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Location: France

Foto Master Product: Mobile Flipbook Studio, Virtual Hero Studio, Bobble Heads Station, AIR Graffiti Wall, Mirror Me Booth.

Main Market: Event Entertainment, Interactive Entertainment, Interactive Brand Activation, Interactive Sponsorship Activation, Interactive Corporate Event Entertainment.

Azefir is a special entertainment service provider that produce events for companies and the private sector. Azefir provide a wide range of concepts all fun and interactive for many kinds of events.

How We Use Foto Master’s Products?

โ€œFoto Masterโ€™s products are one of the most innovative, interactive and original concepts that we provide, always very appreciated by our customers. Guests always enjoy to use them, and we have always a lot of success with those products.โ€

We Asked: “Why Foto Master?”

โ€œBecause of the originality of the products, because of their availability to answer any questions at any time, and because they are a serious company.โ€

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