Air Graffiti Wall: Offer a Digital Graffiti Experience

Set up an Air Graffiti Wall and let guests digitally engage, mimicking real graffiti with authentic sounds and actions. It's an exceptional addition to any event. Rent it out with High Return on Investment

The Air Graffiti Wall in A Nutshell

The Air Graffiti Wall is a highly portable station with an extreme WOW-factor and powerful software to upgrade any event or establishment in ways only limited by imagination. As such, it has a proven track record in the event rentals industry offering an amazing return on investment for owners.

Exclusively developed digital spray cans are used to emit trackable beams of light onto the digital wall; allowing participants to intuitively spray paint and use amazing artistic tools and photography features before printing out their creations or sharing them online.

The entire station takes just a few minutes to set up and folds down into a designated, wheeled case that you can easily transport using a common sedan.

A Quick Return of Investment



Typical Income per Event




Know the product's advantages.

Easy to Transport
Fast to Set Up
Instantaneous Digital Tracking
Authentic Digital Spray Cans
An Intuitive User Interface
Toolbar Customization
Spray Control
Reversibility Options
Session Control
Spray Painting Effects
Creative Stamping
Creative Stencils
Image Overlays
Photo Capture
Green Screen Features
Artistic Filters
Digital Graffiti Games
Creation Saving
Instant Printing
Sharing via Email
Custom Branding
Custom Concepts
And Much More!



Easy To Transport

The Air Graffiti Wall fits in a designated 4ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft transportation case that you can easily transport using a common sedan.

The designated transportation case is equipped with wheels and a carry handle, allowing it to be wheeled around by a single person.


Fast to Set Up

The Air Graffiti Wall can be assembled by two people in a manner of minutes.


Instantaneous Digital Tracking

AIR Graffiti Wall’s digital tracking technology has been exclusively developed in-house by Foto Master to be the fastest & most accurate of its kind, providing an authentic spray painting experience with zero latency.

Air Graffiti Wall: A close-up on digital spray painting in progress

Authentic Digital Spray Cans

Air Graffiti Wall’s exclusively developed digital spray cans look, sound, weigh, click and ultimately feel just like classic spray cans commonly used for street art graffiti.

Air Graffiti Wall: A close-up on a digital spray can


Say "yes, i can!" to anything your customer might have in plan.


An Intuitive User Interface

With AIR Graffiti Wall’s intuitive user interface, participants can focus entirely on the creative experience. Its exceptional ease of use is the result of a thorough UX research, based on event data collected at real-world activations.

Toolbar Customization

Features Customization: Air Graffiti Wall’s software allows you to easily select exactly which features will be included in the toolbar for each activation.

Color Palette Customization: On top of an option to toggle between full and basic variants of the color palette you may also create a palette with completely custom colors to match an event’s theme.

Style Customization: The look and feel of the toolbar can also be customized to match an event’s theme by changing its color and icon set.

Spray Control: Color, Size, Blur and Transparency

With easy to use sliders to control every aspect of the digital spray paint, the Air Graffiti Wall makes any creative idea possible.

In addition to changing basic aspects like the color, size and blur of the spray, applying transparency also allows for a more advanced usage of paint layering techniques.

Reversibility Options: Undo, Redo & Clear Screen

With a simple click of the digital spray can participants can easily go one (or more) step(s) backwards/forward or clear the canvas altogether.

Session Control: Time Limit Options

Air Graffiti Wall’s session control options allow you to optionally limit the usage time by setting up a countdown timer and customizing automated actions that happen once time runs out.

The optional automated actions include displaying a custom notification, saving the creation, printing the creation and/or clearing the canvas. On top of these options you may also choose whether to reset the timer once the participant clears the canvas and starts over during his session.


Spray Painting Effects

Participants can apply two cool effects as they spray paint:

  • Dripping Effect: Applied by pressing down on the digital spray can for longer in the same position
  • Neon Glow Effect: Applied by selecting a glowing color using the toolbar
Air Graffiti Wall: A close-up on a digital spray paint dripping effect

Creative Stamping

Stamping is an exceptionally fun and popular way for participants to get creative with their masterpieces. Participants can add stamps to the digital canvas by selecting, scaling, rotating and positioning each one into place.

Hundreds of both static and animated stamps are built-in with Air Graffiti Wall’s software and include: various hats, glasses, wigs, mustaches, cartoon characters and other entertaining objects. The software also gives you the option to match any event’s theme by uploading your own custom stamps.


Creative Stencils

Stencils are partially-transparent images that serve as painting templates loaded on top of the digital canvas. Spray painting over the transparent areas will draw the stencil’s pattern on the digital canvas.

The Air Graffiti wall software has over 80 stencils built-in and you can also add custom stencils to match any event’s theme.


Image Overlays

Image overlays are a great way to add event related information, graphic branding and a call-to-action to accompany creations made with the AIR Graffiti Wall.

The overlay can be loaded and positioned in front of the digital canvas, acting as a digital photo frame when the image is printed and shared online.


Photo Capture

AIR Graffiti Wall supports a number of ways to integrate high quality photos as part of the participants’ spray painting creations:

  • DSLR Camera: Photos are automatically loaded onto the digital canvas.
  • Manual Photo Selection: Photos are manually selected from a local folder.
  • Webcam Live-View: Photos are captured via a mounted webcam, much like a classic photo booth.

Green Screen Features

Green Screen + Graffiti = Extraordinary Fun! When selected, the green screen feature automatically replaces the green background with a background image selected by the participant.

Air Graffiti wall’s software includes a built-in selection of background images and you can also add custom images to match any event’s theme.

Using the same capability, the Air Graffiti Wall also offers a “Photo to Stamp” feature that allows participants to scale, rotate and position their photos anywhere on the digital canvas as part of their creation.


Artistic Filters

Participants can add various artistic effects & filters to their creations before printing & sharing them. These include Black & White, Sepia, Negative, Hue & Saturation and Pencil Sketch.


Digital Graffiti Games

AIR Graffiti Wall offers an optional game launcher mode that displays a game selection screen for participants to choose from.

6 built-in games are currently available for selection:

  1. Aliens & Makeup: A selfie of the participant is taken and loaded onto the digital canvas where a selection of amusing alien cartoons and virtual props is added over the photo before printing and sharing it online.
  2. Build Your Own: The game starts by selecting one of 7 available images. The participant is then provided with a detailed thumbnail of the complete image, composed of different objects. The digital canvas shows a partial image, missing most of the details. The participant is required to select and place missing objects to complete the image.
  3. Coloring Pages: The game features 10 different digital coloring pages categorized by level of difficulty for the participant to choose from. The participant then colors the page using the digital spray can.
  4. Dot to Dot: The game features 10 different virtual connect-the-dot pages. The pages are categorized by level of difficulty for the participant to select and complete using the digital spray can.
  5. Drawing Lessons: The game starts by selecting an image which is then split into two halves. One half is semi-transparent, which serves as a guide for the participant to base his drawing on.
  6. Free Draw: This game features a toolbar with all of the necessary tools to focus on creative drawing.

Each built-in game can be fully customized in terms of available toolbar options, toolbar design and session time limit on top of an option to create custom in-game assignments.


Creation Saving

Participants can choose to save any creation as:

  • A static image file
  • An animated GIF file with animated stamps
  • A time-lapse video of the creation process

Once saved, the participant can share the creation online.


Instant Printing

The AIR Graffiti Wall is compatible with all printers and allows participants to instantly print their creation as a unique keepsake from the event.

T-Shirt Printing

Printing creations onto t-shirts is easy. Using Air Graffiti Wall’s built-in creative features, participants can quickly design their own t-shirts, print the designs out and heat-press them onto their t-shirts.


Sharing via Email

Once participants finish creating their artwork they have an option to share it directly to their email address using an on-screen keyboard. You can customize the subject line and content of the sent email messages or provide a URL to a completely custom email generation script.


Branding & White-Labeling with Your Own Custom Resources

AIR Graffiti Wall offers unlimited branding options throughout various aspects of the software, including:

  • Custom Overlays: A branded overlay based on a transparent .png file allows you to place your logo anywhere on the digital canvas. The overlay is not affected by the various digital creative tools, including the eraser. A branded overlay is easy to create and implement, and can also be changed from one event to another.
  • Custom Backgrounds: If you are using the green screen feature, you can place your own branded .jpg image to automatically replace the green background.
  • Custom Stamps and Stencils: You can create custom transparent .png or .swf files and place them in a designated folder to be used as digital stamps and stencils available for selection by participants.
Air Graffiti Wall: In this photo the Air Graffiti Wall is customized with a branded image overlay, branded background and branded hardware for an adobe event
In this photo the Air Graffiti Wall is customized with a branded image overlay, branded background and branded hardware for an adobe event

Custom Concepts

The power of the AIR Graffiti software can be used to create advanced concepts only limited by imagination. Custom concepts can be used as the main attraction at events or establishments.

Example No. 1: T-Shirt Design Contest

An Air Graffiti owner created a custom concept where the station is used for a t-shirt design contest. Each session began by a participant selecting a t-shirt outline from a number of available options and then freely designing it using Air Graffiti’s creative tools before printing the design out and heat-pressing it onto a t-shirt.

Example No. 2: Video Game Weapon Design

An Air Graffiti owner created a custom concept that was used as the main attraction at an event by the ‘Call of Duty’ video game brand.

The AIR Graffiti software gave gamers the ability to style their own ‘Call of Duty’ weapons. Each session began by a gamer selecting a weapon from a number of available options and then using Air Graffiti’s creative tools to stamp it, color it and sign the creation. The creation was then be printed, shared online and loaded into the actual video game.

Example No. 3: Projection Mapping

An Air Graffiti owner created a custom concept that was used at a Mercedes A-Class launch party. AIR Graffiti Wall’s creative tools were used to spray paint a digital version of the vehicle while projecting the design onto the actual vehicle in real-time using a powerful projector.

Air Graffiti: In this photo the Air Graffiti software is used as the main attraction to customize video game weapons at a 'Call of Duty' event
In this photo the Air Graffiti software is used as the main attraction to customize video game weapons at a 'Call of Duty' event

The "Foto Master Advantage" Service Package

Get ahead with Foto Master's included 24/7 support, software upgrades, marketing materials, access to the Leads Distribution Platform and much more!


We’ve Got You Covered: 24/7 Support You Can Rely On

If you think our products are cool, just wait until you meet Foto Master’s support team. We are all about giving you true peace of mind.

You will get personal attention from professionals who really care about you and 24/7 availability by phone, online chat, email, Skype, or Facebook.


Keeping Your Service Fresh: Constant Software Upgrades

Amaze your clients with the latest, cutting-edge features and exclusive premium content assets on a regular basis.

With the “Foto Master Advantage” service package, your lifetime software license gets constantly upgraded with both major and seasonal version releases.

Software releases include new, often game-changing capabilities and industry-leading features developed by Foto Master as well as exclusive premium content assets that keep you way ahead of the competition.

Foto Master: Software Upgrades

Supply of Exclusive Leads

Upon your purchase of the Air Graffiti Wall you will be given access to the ‘Lead Distribution Platform’ (LDP) – a dedicated system developed by Foto Master to help you speed up your return on investment.

The system automatically provides you with contact details (leads) of people in your area currently interested in renting the Air Graffiti Wall.

  • The leads are sourced by Foto Master directly.
  • The leads are shared quickly, keeping them current for you.
  • The leads you receive are not shared with anyone else, keeping them exclusive for you.
  • The contacts expect a Air Graffiti Wall owner in their area to contact them with an offer.

For more information about how the system works, visit this blog post.


Your New Family: A Friendly Community of Air Graffiti Wall Owners

We have a group on Facebook for Air Graffiti Wall owners to which we’ll add you after completing your personal training session.

Once you join as a member, you’ll find a very active, warm and friendly community with helpful discussions, resource sharing, sharing of experiences, software update announcements and much more. It works, looks and feels like a real family.

The Foto Master Family Facebook Group
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Let's Go!


Choose your package.

AIR Graffiti Software: Lifetime License 2 Digital Spray Cans Digital Receiver Rear Screen Enclosure3400 Lumens Short Throw Projector Laptop DSLR Camera Dye-Sub Printer 24/7 Support Service: One Year Free Software Upgrades: One Year Free Lead Distribution Platform: One Year Free Personal Training Session: Online Marketing Materials

Optional: you may opt to annually renew the 'One Year Free' services of your chosen package for US$495.

There are no revenue share conditions or any hidden usage fees. All policies are available in the following link: Policies.

Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive the license key, download link, access to marketing materials and the recommended hardware list.

Once all of the equipment arrives our support team will schedule an online training session with you to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to its full potential.

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Consider owners' thoughts.

“This new and exciting interactive activity creates a memorable experience for guests. My company, Fun Planners on the Orlando, FL area has been booking our 2 Graffiti Walls non stop and will likely need to add another to inventory soon. Boaz listens to customers and consistently produces quality enhancements. No worries about working with this overseas software company because Boaz has always been available when we needed him.”

, Fun Planners. Rating: 5/5
Luna Tolunay

“Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the training and look forward to working with you. Already have the wall booked for a May event! Can’t wait to get started. I know a lot of event people and may have more referrals for you!”

, Hart Entertainment. Rating: 5/5
Phil Hart

“I have found Boaz to be extremely helpful with my many questions about this new product. He has always answered my concerns in a prompt and timely manner. Very glad I decided to go with Air Graffiti!”

, A Custom Look. Rating: 5/5
Murray Englander

“This is an AMAZING product, to put it simply… And it is, simple. No kinks when working with the Air Graffiti team… They are always open to any edits you may want built into the program. If you are looking for the hottest product out there, and the best people to work with, look no further. This is your last stop people. It doesn’t get much better than this!”

, On The Flipside. Rating: 5/5
Sarah Garza

“I want to thank you for saving the day yesterday. Without you I would have had a very disappointed client. I am very grateful to you for jumping in and taking care of a problem that was not related to your product at all. I was in a state of panic with an event that was just hours away and when you took control of the system with team viewer I felt a calm come over me that all was going to be OK. With your help the system was up and running on the new laptop with an hour to spare. Amazing!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!”

, AIR Graffiti Dallas. Rating: 5/5
Dennis Walthers

“The feedback we have gotten from our event planners to direct client that have booked this from us has been AMAZING!!”

, Creative Event Services. Rating: 5/5
Raj Tulsiani

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How do I transport the AIR Graffiti Wall?

Our AIR Graffiti Wall is specially designed to be collapsible and fit into a transportation case that is about 4 feet long by 1.5 feet wide by 1.5 feet tall. So getting it into different venues will be a breeze!

How large is the rear screen enclosure?

We have two sizes you can choose from. One is about 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The other is about 7 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall.

Is there a smaller version of the AIR Graffiti?

Yes! We offer three ways to use AIR Graffiti. The first is using our 10ft wide AIR Graffiti enclosure. The second is using our 7ft wide AIR Graffiti enclosure. The third is using our software on a touch screen monitor. Since you are able to offer it also on a touch screen, you are basically getting two products for the price of one!

How many users can spray at the same time?

To ensure ease of operation, our packages come with a system that allows only one user at a time. If you require more than one user at a time, be sure to mention it to your sales representative.

I see that the packages come with two spray cans, is it possible to order more?

Yes! Just ask your sales representative and they’ll be able to get you a price based on the number of additional spray cans you would need.

Can I share the output on social networks?

Yes. The software allows you to save the finished photo or video of the whole process to share via Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.

I have a logo created for my party, is there a way to put that on the photo?

Yes, it is very easy to incorporate your logo onto the picture. All you have to do is create a transparent PNG file with the logo, load that into the software, and voila! you will see it appear on the picture.

I want to create a custom cover, backgrounds, stamps and stencils, but I don’t have a good designer, can you help me?

Yes, We have an amazing in house design team that will be able to assist you. Please contact us for more information and design pricing.

We saw the videos of your customers using AIR Graffiti with Projection Mapping on a Car, any tips on how to make that work?

You create a cover for the car. the background is black and only the desired locations that can be draw on are transparent. You need to rent a strong second projector (18,000-20,000 LA depend on the light conditions at the event) and a VJ person with WO software to project the image on the car. Practice it before the event and call our 24/7 technical support team to guide you.

Can I create my own digital stamps and stencils?

Yes, It’s super simple to incorporate your own customized designs. You just need to create your own PNG or SWF (if you wish to create animated stamp make sure it’s swf file), place them in the designated folder, and the software will show them when the user selects to use a stamp or stencil.

I’m really new to using AIR Graffiti, is it hard to learn?

AIR Graffiti is not a difficult software to learn, but like anything, there can be a learning curve to figuring out something new. However, we have the best technical support team in the industry and they are there to show and teach you how everything operates.

What is the suggested rental rate for the AIR Graffiti?

AIR Graffiti is an incredibly interactive and unique service and our customers command top dollar for it! Many are charging between $350-$550 per hour, so it really is an incredible ROI!

How much does the paper cost to print per event?

The cost per print will depend on the printer you use, but most dye sublimation printers (including the one we provide to you in the Turn Key package) print photos at a cost of $0.13 per 4”x6”. This is the cost for both the ink and paper! We find that our customers do not typically print more than 300-400 photos at an event, so you are looking at a cost for prints at only around $52 per event!

Once I place my order, how long will it take me to get everything?

After the payment is made, you will receive your software download, license key, and marketing materials within 24 hours of purchase. If your package includes spray cans, digital receiver, rear screen enclosure, or any other hardware, that will take around 14 business days to get to you.

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