Chance Global Solutions


Location: Bangalore, India

Foto Master Product: AIR Graffiti Wall

Main Market: Event Entertainment & Rentals, Family Entertainment Centers

Chance Global Solutions: is a company based in Bangalore founded by a team of professionals with rich expertise in Interactive display technologies, marketing and Business consulting, Delivering the most innovative advanced inventories options to accelerate the business and pleasure. Thier primary mission is to provide a wide range of services with upcoming trends for the emerging individuals and business sectors ensuring that every event or project is a complete success.

How We Use Foto Master Products?

“We just love the Air Graffiti Wall product. Our customers are so thrilled every time we use it at their events and we are so pleased with the software which is so flexible and user friendly and allow us to provide various options and work flows. For example we just used this solution lately for creating feedback wall for various corporate events. Another concept that we offered is for kids to fill colors using the digital spray cans on the outlined cartoon characters. At parties our guests had so much fun using instant photos which loaded to the screen and then the guest made an art on their photos. It is so awesome. Our automobile clients are left stunned when exploring the possibilities of painting their own colors on their car model and have it go on the social networks. We are working on many many creative ways to bring out best out of this product and utilize as many workflows as possible at any event. AIR Graffiti Wall is truly exciting.”

We Asked: “Why Foto Master?”

“After analyzing a lot of opinions and comparing all the solutions available in the market we rate Foto Master as excellent and the best company to rely on , we just love the software interface, we feel very happy and comfortable to work with the inventory as more than 80% of the features can be customized according the need and requirement and timely support is what makes Fotomaster different from the rest , We heartily thank Mr. Boaz Telem for experience we had working with him, Hats off to you!!!”

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