Laser Ninja Productions


Location: Texas, USA

Products: AIR Graffiti Wall, AIR Graffiti Touch

Markets: Events & Rentals

“We are an event services company specializing in laser light shows, lighting, video, photo booths, and air graffiti walls. We work with events ranging from birthday parties, quinceañeras, weddings, corporate events, and concerts and festivals.”

Air Graffiti Wall: Set up as a wedding guest wall
Set up as a wedding guest wall

How Do You Use Foto Master’s Products?

“The newest concept we have come up with using the AIR Graffiti Wall is for the a digital sign-in sheet for weddings and other special events. Similar to a sign-in book at a wedding reception, this is a large, interactive screen that allows attendees to sign a congratulatory image of the bride and groom, usually an engagement photo or wedding photo, and using the AIR Graffiti Wall’s video output we can provide a video of the signatures for use by a videographer in the wedding reception video. We’ve used this concept on several weddings and corporate events, and it never fails to get a reaction. We also have been using it at trade shows to get people into our booth.”

Air Graffiti Wall: Set up for a birthday party
Set up for a birthday party

Why Choose Foto Master?

“Research into different uses of similar air graffiti concepts led me to FotoMaster’s AIR Graffiti, which was the most polished and self-contained solution for this concept. The implementation was flexible enough to allow for other concepts, such as laser pointer drawings, projection mapping outputs, and different configurations for interactive concepts. And the deal closer for us was the well-designed spray paint cans and the custom enclosure to hide all the inner workings.”

Air Graffiti Touch: Set up for a wedding expo
Set up for a wedding expo

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