E-vent Entertainment


Location: Breda, Netherlands.

Foto Master Product: AIR Graffiti Wall.

Main Market: Event entertainment, Corporate events, Interactive entertainment, Events and Rentals.

E-vent Entertainment is a dynamic bureau with a young team of workers who continuously are (re)searching the market for new ideas, concepts and plans to be an irreplaceable factor in the world of events, fares, business meetings or whatsoever!

How We Use Foto Master Products?

“We use the AIR Graffiti software in combination with a green screen and a photo camera. The camera is directly connected to the AIR Graffiti software, which gives the guests the opportunity to take a picture with the green screen. The picture is than immediately ready for usage in combination with the AIR Graffiti software. From here on the guest can customize the picture by using stencils, stamps and so on. Everything is customized to the wishes of the customer, from the cover of the picture till the stamps and stencils. At the end the guest can use the sharing option to post the picture to social media or simply ‘’press’’ print and then our photo printer prints the amount of pictures chosen by the guest.”

“Nowadays we mainly use it on events and fares and from time to time we stand on private occasions. Our vision is that a visitor of an event, fare or a private occasion should be remembered about the occasion in a way we all love: a picture we can touch!”

Why Foto Master?

“The answer is simple: ‘Dynamic, Compliant, Accessible and Innovative. But most important of all: Foto Master is always willing to help out and think along!”

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