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Business showcase and case study with owners Kemal & Luna Tolunay.

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Fun Planners has been providing Florida with the finest interactive entertainment, equipment and services for over 17 years. Specializing in live events, corporate events, branding and marketing. Our area of expertise ranges from interactive elements to entire event production.

We will leave you and your clients with a lasting impression of our impeccable equipment and outstanding staff. Fun Planners works to create events that fit budgets and exceed expectations!

  • Business Location: Orlando, FL, US
  • Service Radius: 250 Mi
  • Phone Number: +14079554949
  • Email Address:

We Asked. Fun Planners Answered.


What Were Your Hopes Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?

We were excited to expand our market and be able to provide our clients with a unique interactive product.


What Were Your Concerns Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?

Initially, our concerns were that it would be hard to market and sell a brand new style of photo booth to the market place.


How Was Your Business Affected By Getting A Foto Master Product? Did You Return Your Initial Investment?

Foto Master products helped expand our business into a new field. Today we have multiple products from Foto Master and we are known for our photo booth selection and features.


What Do You Think About Foto Master’s 24/7 Support Team? How Did Your Product Training Go? Have They Ever Helped Your Business?

It’s an asset to have the team available 24/7.


Ever Got Any Added Value from Foto Master’s Online Facebook Community (A.K.A ‘The Family’)?

It’s nice to a see a positive community and gain new ideas as well as quick answers to any problems or concerns we may have.


You Went Back In Time! You’re Just Starting Out. Give Your Past-Self Some Important Tips

Always set up a new product and run a mock event a few times before you’re on the event site. That way you feel 100 percent confident in your ability to operate the product.

Owned Foto Master Products

Tower Mirror Booth

Dominate your market with the Tower Mirror Booth, the world's most extraordinary photo booth. Standing at 87″, its striking all-glass and aluminum design, paired with interactive, cutting-edge software, is truly revolutionary.

Mirror Air Booth

Experience the elegance of the Mirror Air Booth, featuring a captivating 65'' floating mirror design encased in RGBW LED lights. Its sturdy, slim aluminum build offers unparalleled stability and portability.

Photo Mosaic Wall

The ground-breaking photo mosaic station with the fastest return on investment in the event rentals industry.

Creates jaw-dropping digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time; using an exclusive, state-of-the-art algorithm.

Retro Mirror Booth

Blending rustic charm with modern tech, the Retro Mirror Booth captivates guests with interactive features. At only 74 lbs, it's designed for easy transport in standard sedans.

Mirror Me Booth

The Mirror Me Booth, a modern classic offering a magical, interactive photo experience. Its charming design, durable build, and interchangeable frames captivate all audiences.

Mirror X Booth

The Mirror X Booth dazzles with its 6-foot tall, all-mirror design and “WOW” factor. This sleek, aluminum-built photo booth features heavy-duty omni wheels and revolutionary software for both prominence and practicality.

Air Graffiti Wall

Set up an Air Graffiti Wall and let guests digitally engage, mimicking real graffiti with authentic sounds and actions. It's an exceptional addition to any event. Rent it out with High Return on Investment

AIR Graffiti Touch

Air Graffiti Touch is a portable station that captures pro-grade photos and allows participants to engage in an interactive process of creation using an array of entertaining features. The final results can then be shared online and printed as amazing keepsakes.

Video Flip

In less than 90 seconds, guests record a short video clip that is automatically transformed into a 60-frame flip book. The flip book is then assembled and given to the guests to take home as a venue memorabilia.

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