Photo Mosaic Wall V3

Photo Mosaic Wall: The ground-breaking photo mosaic station with the fastest return on investment in the event rentals industry just got an amazing upgrade. After weeks of developing, testing and working on the launch of this version update, we’re sure winning over your clients with this latest version will be a no-brainer!

Custom Board Sizes:

Looking to create a custom board size? No problem – leave the work to our Photo Mosaic Wall software! In V3, you’ll be able to set any board size you want (up to 100 columns and rows). You can also set the cell width and height so that you aren’t limited in label sizes. Another key highlight to note is the ability you now have to select your preferred board background and text color, as well as setting your desired font size.

Online Mode:

You can share a live 3D presentation of your activation to anyone, anywhere by simply sharing a web link! By using the cloud to run an activation, guests of the event – or even those who aren’t able to attend – can click the link and watch as the Mosaic is built in real-time.

The Power of Ads:

With the Live Digital Mosaic app opens doors for the corporate world with its exciting new marketing tool. One of the most important components of marketing is advertising, and you now have the ability to include multiple advertisements, including sound, video and photos in a 3D digital presentation. Get ready to increase sales and expand your market!


This is a great tool for moderating the images that will be posted on the final Mosaic for all to see! To avoid printing inappropriate photos, you can now choose which folder the photos will come through:

And more!

New Features Photo Mosaic Wall Software V3


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