Photo Mosaic Wall: Lockdown Proof Business Ideas

Foto Master's Phil Preston gets you motivated with 4 lockdown proof business ideas made possible with the Photo Mosaic Wall.

No doubt you’re feeling the effects of the current worldwide pandemic that grips us. So there’s no need to harp on about it. But one thing we can be absolutely sure of is the need to learn from what’s happening and come out of the other side stronger, more resilient and more motivated than ever to kick butts in our businesses. This is our opportunity to think up ways to continue to deliver our value no matter what crisis is thrown in our way. Our purpose is to help you do exactly that. So we’ve compiled some practical real world concepts that are working today – starting with the Photo Mosaic Wall.

#1 DIY Mosaics

Every day we’re lucky to be able to watch so many of our customers get amazingly creative in the face of adversity. This one comes from Chris Wong at Open Booths in Australia. Like most countries, Australia is all but on complete lock down inside their homes. People are looking for something to do as a family. Chris came up with the idea of offering a kind of DIY Mosaic package. The client will supply the Mosaic image as well as the individual images. In the example of a wedding that had to be cancelled, the end image could be a portrait of the happy couple and the source images could be the thousands of photos of precious moments living on friends and families phones. Chris compiles the digital Mosaic with our Photo Mosaic Software and prints the tiles. He posts them all off to the customer with a custom printed mosaic board with his business logo in the center.

Not only does the customer have something precious to fill in their quarantine time, they also get to construct something personal and all of their intended guests can be a part of it. It’s personal, magical and highly shareable. This can be done with the Photo Mosaic Wall Recommended package (which comes with 10,000 of the specific labels needed) with the addition of the printer.

Photo Mosaic Wall: Complete Mosaic Example, Framed

#2 Mosaic By Post

This idea riffs on the last one and extends it a little more. If you can imagine Grandma Jenny who’s having her 80th birthday this April – there’s no reason her family can’t still celebrate and make something special. A loving family member can rally the grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends to take selfies and email in any images they want to contribute. A large scale mosaic can be made forming a portrait of Grandma Jenny, printed on a large format canvas and posted directly to her.

This one is really special as it allows everyone special in Jenny’s life to be a part of the celebration without the need to be physically at the board to be attaching tiles. Loved ones can contribute with as little as a simple selfie and sending it by email or SMS. Grandma Jenny will have a special time perusing the mosaic to see all the people she loves the most in it.

All you need to do this is a laptop running the Photo Mosaic Wall DIY package.

#3 Upsell Hi-Res Mosaic Products

This is great if you have customers from the past and you still have their images on file. You can market the opportunity to get a Hi-Res version of their mosaic and you can even offer to get it printed on a large scale print or canvas, framed and delivered direct to their home. You could extend this idea out and offer smaller prints for guests delivered to each one as well. As you start thinking of all the past clients you have and the images you have stored up for them there are a multitude of add-ons and upsells you could offer – albums, coffee table books, mugs etc.

You can even offer an alternative regenerated mosaic. Let’s say your corporate client from last year wants to redo their mosaic with a different end image to deliver a new message of solidarity. Easy done – you can use all of the source images and run the event again super quick with the Photo Mosaic Wall software.

#4 Online Activations

Big brands thrive on engagement. Not only are they suffering because people can’t attend events or go in store at the moment – they also need to find ways to engage with loyal customers while they are locked in at home. This is actually an incredibly good time to create something unique that cuts through. Enter the online activation. Here’s 3 concept pitches straight up form the griddle:

Photo Mosaic Wall: Digital Activation

A clothing brand launching a clothing product or shoe. They could use a hashtag to harvest images and encourage people to take selfies in their brand gear (exercising while practicing social distancing of course) and posting with the hashtag #XYZShoeCoRulez. A large digital mosaic can be embedded live on a website and could slowly reveal the new product. The engagement is extended as people can search for their images in the final mosaic.

New location launches don’t need to suffer either. A brand with a new retail space or a studio can let their customers be a part of the experience by creating a mosaic of the brand logo to be printed super large on a wall. A smaller brand looking to fund a new space could drive donations by offering contributors the chance to be a part of history and be included in a mosaic.

A company can create an inclusive online event for their staff while they are working from home by creating a large mosaic, full of WFH (working from home) selfies, to greet them at the office when they finally come back.

Photo Mosaic Wall: Online Slideshow

The best part about these concepts is that they only require a laptop, internet connection and the Photo Mosaic Wall software to run. It’s hands free, engaging and inclusive even though people are apart. Like we always say with the Photo Mosaic Wall product – “We are in it together”. That couldn’t be more true than right now.

On that note, it’s now over to you. We can’t wait to see what our inspiring customers come up with. If you haven’t gotten setup with Photo Mosaic Wall software yet then speak with our team now. And remember – we’re here to support you. If you need help working out how to deliver a concept, or need technical advice our support team is there to help you. As always, our support team is working 24/7 with you through this.

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