Photo Mosaic Wall Software V2

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re happy to announce the release of the latest software version of our remarkable new product; Photo Mosaic Wall Software V2.

Photo Mosaic Wall is a product we released only a couple months ago. This brand new concept brought something exclusive and rare to the events and rentals industry; something that people can not only interact with, but that they can be a part of.

What Photo Mosaic Wall does is create a picture produced by piecing together smaller, colored photos of the event guests. The result is a vivid physical and/or digital mosaic.

The sophisticated algorithm works by creating a true mosaic in real-time using photos captured throughout the duration of the event. These photos can be captured through different sources, for example; a DSLR camera, a photo booth, social media, and now with our latest software release, by MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) Sourcing.

Some other exciting updates include a brand new Green Screen Algorithm, enabling you to superimpose the subject on the main photo’s background so that you can offer a different kind of experience.

You’ll also notice that we now have the option to create a High-Res Mosaic. This is perfect for those who want to send photos to print as they will now have the option to print photos in superior photo quality.

Another notable feature is the Face Detection for Smart Cropping. This intuitive feature uses face detection, so even if the photo needs to be cropped to fit the mosaic tiles, you can ensure no one gets cut out of the photo.

We also added a Maintain Print Stream feature that ensures your event ends in time without any unused photos remaining. This event duration protection will allow you to maintain a constant print stream during the event.

Imagine the beauty of hanging a large photo mosaic made up of wedding guests’ photos above the fireplace of the bride and groom. Or capturing memories from a corporate event and placing this massive mosaic of the company’s logo in an office lobby. The engagement and possibilities are endless! For a full list of updates in V2, see the Change Log below.

Change Log

Photo Mosaic Wall Software:

Photo Mosaic Agent:

Live Digital Mosaic:

If you’re interested in learning more about this product, please contact our Sales agents through the contact form on our website.

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