Foto Master's Boaz Telem with Red Robots Industries' Team

Foto Master Acquired the Australian Photo Booth Mavens Red Robot

The worldwide photo booth manufacturing giant; Foto Master announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Red Robot, the largest photo booth manufacturer in Australia.

Foto Master said the deal will provide the Australian and New Zealand market with faster and more affordable access to all Foto Master products.

In the next few weeks, Foto Master plans to launch a new showroom in Canberra and hold a large stock of the company’s products on its premises.

The main benefactors of the acquisition are the new and existing photo booth owners in Australia and New Zealand, who will now be able to save on shipping, import costs, and will be able to use local leasing companies to finance their investment.

“That’s not all”, said Ron Assa, Foto Master’s VP of Production. He explained: “Foto Master has recently invested in a new cutting edge Trumpf Laser Cutting Machine & Bending Machine. This will help reduce the manufacturing costs of the products that Red Robot is well-known for, such as the Retro Photo Booth, Printer Stands and more”.

Foto Master is planning on expanding the manufacturing capabilities to their main Factory in Connecticut, USA. Relaunching Red Robot’s most successful products with specialised hardware tweaks, coupled with Foto Master’s world-renowned software to the global market.

This strategy will open the door for North American and European clients to access the most successful Red Robot products and maintain the high-quality and local production that Red Robot’s Australian and New Zealand customers have come to enjoy.

Foto Master came to know Red Robot when the two companies partnered in 2017 to bring the Patent-Pending Mirror Me Booth from the US to Australia.

“The partnership fits like a glove,” said Boaz Telem, Foto Master’s CEO. “The similarities in culture and business ethics is what pushed us to start working together back in 2017”. Boaz also added that “the experienced and motivated Red Robot staff, who are also highly gifted in hardware manufacturing, simply sealed the deal. This was exactly what Foto Master needed.”

Foto Master’s new Australian office will be lead by Duncan Amos, the co-founder and talented industrial designer of Red Robot.

Foto Master's Boaz Telem with Red Robots Industries' Team
Foto Master, Australia, Headquarters
Foto Master, Australia, Headquarters
Foto Master, Australia, Headquarters
Foto Master, Australia, Headquarters

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