Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V4, Mirror Me Edition

With many exciting new additions to the intuitive, interactive and innovative software, Mirror Me keeps getting stronger. Please welcome the official release of Foto Master's photo booth software V4, Mirror Me edition!

What You Can Expect

Photo Filters

Add a magic touch to your photo! The Mirror Me software now offers five different filter effects to add to your photo. Choose to keep your photo as is, or add a special effect with the black & white, sepia, extra-sharp, pencil sketch options. This feature is an exciting addition as it allows users the chance to edit their picture directly from the mirror. You can add a specific filter on all photos which is great to add to an event’s theme – think: an extravagant old-fashioned party in black & white, or you can give users the option to choose their desired filter.

Direct Editing

We’ve added a direct editing feature, which allows you to set and control how your photo overlay will look. You can now add text and images, edit the font, the positioning, and the angles to your liking – directly in the software! This makes customization even more simple as you can see how the photos are being manipulated as you play around.

Retake Your Photo

We understand, you don’t always get the photo right on the first try. Behold; the “Retake” button! This new addition comes in handy for users who may have had their eyes shut or who simply want a second chance for that perfect photo-op. Like all of our features, the retake button is optional to include, so if you want to keep the action going the choice is yours.

New Design

We put a modern twist on our playful animations. The interactive countdown and “Touch Here to Start” animations now have a fresh new look that are sure to entice your guests. Edits have also been made to the visual elements in the layout builder, making the user interface even more convenient for a seamless experience.

Event Triggers

An event trigger has been added, allowing you to trigger to the next state straight from an animation. You can take the user experience to a whole new level by including games and apps with your .swf files. Add a game of Tic-Tac-Toe to the workflow for interaction, or an app to gather feedback. You can even expand to different markets by including a feedback app. Take a poll and ask guests their opinions on – for example – how they liked the store, clothes, etc.

Direct E-Mailing

The new email feature is an exciting one for many. The Mirror Me software now allows your guests to email their photo directly from the mirror as soon as they’re done. We’ve included a php email script to share with our customers so you can now use your own hosting for email sending. This gives guests the opportunity to send their photo, video recording, video from photos, and GIF.

Even MORE New Animations!

With all of the new additions and features in the latest version of the Mirror Me software, we had to have brilliant new animations created to go along. Take a look at our video below to see what you can accomplish with the impressive Mirror Me Booth!


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