Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V7, Mirror Me Edition

Please welcome our latest software upgrade that will be sure to impress: Foto Master's photo booth software V7, Mirror Me edition!

When we first launched the Mirror Me edition of Foto Master’s photo booth software, we had an idea and a goal: to provide an interactive mirror photo booth experience that would be a game-changer for the events and rentals industry. Since then, we’ve been constantly expanding the possibilities of this software to offer an experience beyond measure.

New Animations, Presets & Games

Vivid new professional animations keep things interesting and fresh while a selection many new presets ensure each experience is different from the next! We’ve added entertaining new game: the ‘Shell Game’ and included 75 new Spanish animations as well.

MMS Feature

The brand new MMS feature works with Twilio to offer Multimedia Messaging. This means you can allow guests to instantly send images taken with the Mirror Booth to their mobile phones. What’s more, you can collect the phone numbers entered for your marketing use!

Slideshow App

This simple-to-use app plays a slideshow of all of the photos taken with the Mirror Booth during your event! There are over 20 transition effects, you can set the duration of time the photo appears and the transition time.

Interactive Layout Selection

The ‘Interactive Layout Selection’ is an amazing feature that we’ve added to offer guests even more control of their experience. How does it work? When the photo taken is previewed on-screen, guests can swipe through different print layouts. Take a look at how it works, as seen on our Beauty Mirror Booth!

GIF Preview

As you are probably aware, millennials gravitate towards creating lighting-quick GIFs to share on social media. The latest addition of the ‘GIF Preview’ feature in V7 allows guests to watch as a preview of their moving images appear on the mirror!

You will find a wide array of exciting new features and added support for existing ones in V7. We even added a new software to accompany Mirror Me Software; the “Foto Master Slideshow” app! See the full changelog below for more information:

Full Change Log

So whether you’re more interested in the new presets, interactive new games or the technical updates, there is something for everyone that will ensure you get the most out of your Foto Master Mirror Photo Booth.


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