Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V6, Mirror Me Edition

It wasn’t easy to keep our lips sealed but we have some exciting news to share with you; Foto Master's famous Mirror Me edition got a boost that we can finally reveal to you! Get ready to hit the ball out of the park with this photo booth software update.

As you all know, when you become a Foto Master’s client you are welcomed “to the family”. This holds true as so many feature requests and suggestions have found their way to the public release. Some customers describe feeling as though “we are part of a startup”, and again we took our customer’s’ feedback and developed new features, new animations, new games, and improved the overall performance to make sure it is the most up-to-date software.

Beauty Filter

Who doesn’t want a dewy glow and flawless skin?! This new beautifying feature offers a skin-softening glow without taking your photos to a third-party app for further editing. You always look good, we’ve just added this feature to enhance yours. The Beauty Filter feature is offered in color and black & white.

35 New Animations

Shake things up with the 35 new animations we’ve created. In Mirror Me software V6, you’ll find brand new vivid animations specifically designed for birthday parties, corporate events, and more! These animations are all categorized by where they can be placed in the Workflow as well. For example; you’ll be able to choose from a list of animations that can run as a prelude to taking a photo and you can choose from a list of expressions you’d like to compliment your guests with after taking the photo.


This new feature allows you to track the information and analyze data from your event. The Mirror Me software will systematically track the number of prints, amount of photos that were saved, number of emails sent out, how many sessions were run, and more. This is a great tool to have for optimizing your events!

Mirror Me Booth, Software Screenshot: Analytics Feature

Offline Emailing

No internet? No problem! Email sharing is now offered offline, which means if there is no internet connection, the latest version of our software will take all collected emails and add them to a queue. All emails will be sent once the software has internet access.

Video Recording

While video recording was offered in the previous version, the ability to record HD videos is a new highlight of V6. Record lengthy videos that will look crisp and amazing, directly from the DSLR Camera.

Logo Replacement

Editing digital photo frames has never been so simple. With the ability to simply replace the Foto Master logo with your own, there’s no need for Photoshop. Implement your company’s logo on one of the many overlays you have access to directly within the Mirror Me software.

New Preset Pack

Our latest preset pack offers a wide variety of vibrant photo overlays to choose from. Our in-house graphic designer created new digital photo frames that are bright, colorful and come in different sizes! We’re sure you’ll find that these new presets are especially fun for summer events. All of the new presets are organized categorically as well for ease of use.

Mirror Me Booth: New V6 Photo Overlay Example

Built-In Buttons

Built-in buttons are now a part of the Preset. You can fully customize the buttons to your liking, which will add even more personality to your Presets.

Fully Customized Email Buttons

Customize the email buttons, too! This new feature is great as it allows you to support any language.

Mirror Me Booth, Software Screenshot: Customized Email Buttons


Calling all corporate clients! This new feature was built with you in mind. In V6, you can delete raw photos after saving the final photo. You can also delete the final photo after your client has sent their photo by email. Leverage this feature for marketing purposes and assure your clients their photos aren’t stored or kept for repurposing.

With all of our latest features and fixes, the performance of the upgraded Mirror Me software is sure to add value to your photo booth business. Take a look at the full change-log and get all the download details for Mirror Me software V6 in your email.

We look forward to seeing your photos and videos using Mirror Me software V6 at events!

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