Foto Master at PBPI Academy 2018, Dallas TX

Boaz, Barry & Jacob are taking off this weekend and heading to Dallas, TX to exhibit, teach and demonstrate our products at PBPI Academy 2018!

As we kick off 2018 with the first conference of the year, we’re looking forward to connecting with everyone attending PBPI as we showcase our brand new Mirror designs, demonstrate our software, talk about an entirely new features, and share some exciting new things we have in the pipeline for 2018.

Monday – 3:30 PM

Mirror Me Software Demo
We’ll be doing a walkthrough of our features, concepts and tools for users to get a better understanding of this revolutionary product. Here is a sneak peek of what we’ll discuss:

The Workflow Builder
Learn how to offer unlimited concepts with the user-friendly Workflow Builder.

Branding & Customizing
Learn how you can easily brand & customize for each specific event.

Interactive & Random Animations
Choose from over hundreds of professionally designed interactive animations, or offer a new experience with each Workflow by setting “Random Animations”.

New Feature Releases in V7
Check out what’s new in V7 as the beta is currently being tested by early adapters.

What’s To Come: V8
See what we have in the pipeline for our next software update!

Tuesday – 3:30 PM

Photo Mosaic Booth
Introducing a brand new concept that will be a game-changer for your business! Learn more about this amazing new product as we discuss all of its features and how you can market it for different types of events. What we’ll discuss:

Wednesday – 2:45 PM
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PBPI Academy 2018 Schedule

Come see the products in action at our exhibit space and learn all about our company and the game-changing products we offer.

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