Fotomaster Buys Customer’s Concept!

FotoMaster acquired a custom development made by Gregor Milcic, a Mirror Me Booth customer (, in order to supply this solution built-in which will enable our customers to enjoy this new additional item for an improved user-experience at events.

Part of the magic of the Mirror Me Booth is the ability to capture the guest’s pose through the use of a hidden camera. However, there are a few seconds in the session which we’d like the guests to know where exactly to look. A few solutions were added in the past, such as “Look at the camera!” animations and other custom developments like stickers behind the mirror pointing to the camera at all times.

Gregor took a different approach. His main goal was to have an indicator for only the moments right before the picture is taken. With Gregor’s development, this indicator circles the camera’s lens only leading up to the shot, that way the guest cannot mistake the location of the camera (where to look).

As Gregor explains; “Inspired by the solutions others customers have developed (stickers, LEDs that were on all the time) I thought a triggered LED solution would work perfect. After testing different shapes of arrows, the idea with a ring directly around the lens came up and I started working on this approach. The hardest part was to find a mechanism to trigger the ring at the right moment. I started a deep analysis of the Mirror Me Booth software to find out how I could achieve this trigger and finally found a solution by using features in different ways. With the LED ring we have clearly increased the number of guests looking directly into the camera and the pictures turn out even better!”

This was the first step in FotoMaster’s strategy to acquire custom developments made by customers who invest their time and money to improve the guest experience. Buying all copyrights, FotoMaster is working on software adjustments for the full integration with the Mirror Me Booth software and will release the LED Camera Ring Light add-on for all customers to purchase in the first quarter of 2017.

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