Foto Master's Photo Booth Software V5, Mirror Me Edition

New Features Bring New Experiences! The famous Mirror Me software just got some HOT upgrades and it’s ready to bring more new and exciting experiences to events!

Take a look at our video below to see some of the exciting new upgrades to Foto Master’s photo booth software, Mirror Me edition:

Updated Signature Feature with Stamp, Color Selection & Undo button

“Emojis” are all the rage these days! While using the interactive Signature feature, guests can now personalize their drawings even more with the selection of stamps available in the Signature feature. These stamps are exactly like the ones you have on your phone, with smiley faces, icons and more. In addition to these fun-filled stamps, the Signature feature now has a color palette to choose from and an optional “Undo” button… if only we could clear our real-life mistakes that easy!

Random Animations

Switch gears with Random Animations. You can keep things interesting for guests with this new software feature, which allows you to create a list of your desired animations that the software will randomly select from. Each preset will display the animations randomly, so the next guest in line gets a whole new experience.

30+ New Presets & 5 Multi-Preset Background Animations

We’re keeping things interesting with new presets and a fresh look. We’ve added 30 NEW presets as part of a brand new preset pack for Mirror Me software V5.

What’s more is that the animations can now act as the background for the presets! Meaning, when choosing their experience from the multi-preset selection screen, guests can now see running animations rather than still images. You can also add to the included 5 animation backgrounds and customize them to your liking, too!

30+ New Animations

They’re fun, they’re flirty, they’re interactive! New, professionally created animations are sure to get guests moving and laughing as they pose for the perfect shot.

Phidgets Control

With Phidgets Control, a control board enables you to command any device directly from the software’s Workflow. Want the LED cube your printer rests on to light up right after the “Printing” animation appears? No problem. You can connect anything that is activated with power to the control board and direct when to turn the device on/off directly from your Workflow with Phidgets control.


Introducing: NAYAX. This new cashless system enables you to collect money using any card with the attached card-swiper. This feature will allow companies to charge per photo while the stand-alone booth will guide guests throughout their experience. We’ve even created bright new animations for the new system!

Pong Game

We’ve created an exclusive new game for your enjoyment! The Pong Game is a two-player game that you can include in your Workflow to take the interactivity of the Mirror Me Booth to a whole other level.

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