Digital & Interactive Attractions for Retail Centers

It is globally known that a shopper’s experience has a major factor on sales and if they will be a returning customer. Understanding the importance of the shopper’s experience, stores began to add services that were more accommodating and unique. A recent trend has been to add entertaining interactive digital attractions.

Increase Your Sales

For example, adding a 55” vertical AIR Graffiti Touch TV to a textile shop can help increase sales in a variety of ways, including:


Direct: Providing an interactive and fun experience that makes the customer want to stay in the shop. This keeps the shop more populated and researchers have already proven that stores with more shoppers draw more customers than empty shops.


In Direct: Allows customer to leave with a smile on their face, encouraging them to return and enjoy the experience once again very soon.


In Direct: Viral advertising! The word will spread quickly and many will tell their friends about the fun experience.


In Direct: The interactive digital attractions can create digital souvenirs. The photo can be branded with the store’s information and sent to email / facebook / twitter.


Direct: Choose to sell printed copies of the digital creation or give it for free with any item purchase. This can boost store sales too!


Partner with Foto Master today and see how your store can be on the cutting edge of fun shopping experiences and add a digital interactive attraction!

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