Selfie Wi-Fi: The Party Cast Station

Selfie Wi-Fi creates stunning slideshows from live event photos as they are captured by smartphones in real-time. With guests as photographers, fun moments are broadcast onto a large-screen TV for everybody to see and print as their keepsakes.

A Quick Return of Investment



Typical Income per Event



Easy 4-Steps Workflow



The guest connects to the designated Wi-Fi network you’ve named for the event.

Selfie Wi-Fi: Connecting at Valentine's Day Event


The guest enters the designated upload page and selects his selfie.

Selfie Wi-Fi: Uploading at Valentine's Day Event


The selected selfie is instantly loaded into the live slideshow displayed on the large screen TV.

Selfie Wi-Fi: Casting at Valentine's Day Event


With the optional printing setting enabled, the selfie is automatically printed as a keepsake.

Selfie Wi-Fi: Print Keepsake at Valentine's Day Event


Know the product's advantages.

Easy To Transport
Fast To Setup
Unlimited Branding Options
Easy 4-Step Workflow
Custom Wi-Fi Connection
Brandable Upload Page
Brandable Photo Overlays
Stunning Slideshows
Instant Printing Options
Internet Independence
Exhaustive Customization Options
And Much More!

Easy To Transport

The designated Selfie Wi-Fi stand is made out of lightweight yet durable aluminium profiles. The entire stand weighs just 19 lbs and extremely easy to transport with a single carry-on case.


Fast To Setup

Setting the Selfie Wi-Fi up for an event is a matter of about 10 minutes.

The lightweight Aluminium profiles connect together with just 4 Allen screws to form the TV stand. Then, a branding plate, shelf and TV snap on to the stand using designated inserts pre-attached to each.


Unlimited Branding Options

Any branding plate, including custom branding made especially for the event, can be attached to the Selfie Wi-Fi stand in a matter of seconds using designated inserts that snap-on the plate to the stand.


Custom Wi-Fi Connection

Setting a custom name and password for the Wi-Fi connection takes just a few seconds so it can be easily changed per event to suit the occasion.


Brandable Upload Page

By setting a custom background image to Selfie Wi-Fi’s upload page you can enhance the experience with an entertaining message for the guests, graphics that suit the occasion or even your company’s branding.


Brandable Photo Overlays

Selfie Wi-Fi’s software supports setting a custom vertical and horizontal overlay for each photo. The position, size and style of the photo overlay is completely up to you.

The overlay is displayed as part of the photo as it’s displayed on the large screen and printed out as a keepsake.


Stunning Slideshows

Selfie Wi-Fi’s slideshow is a stunning full-screen photo without any distractions. Allowing every guest to become the life of the party.


Moderation Options

While Selfie Wi-Fi’s workflow is fully automated and doesn’t require manual operation, a designated panel allows you to moderate the real-time activity if needed. Moderation actions include printing a specific photo and toggling the appearance of a specific photo on the live slideshow.

Two moderation modes are available:

  • Strict: You authorize each new photo before it is loaded onto the slideshow.
  • Loose: Photos are automatically loaded onto the slideshow and may be deauthorized with a simple tap.

Instant Printing Options

With the printing setting enabled, photos are automatically transferred for an immediate print.


Internet Independence

All of Selfie Wi-Fi’s workflow stages are completely independent of an internet connection allowing you to reliably operate the event at any venue.


Customize Anything

The Selfie Wi-FI software lets you control pretty much anything about the experience. Here are some of the included options (in addition to the aforementioned options):

  • Customize slideshow time & duration
  • Customize printer settings
  • Enable/disable Wi-Fi password
  • Copy photos to thumb drive
  • Load photos from thumb drive
  • Delete all photos

The "Foto Master Advantage" Service Package

Get ahead with Foto Master's included 24/7 support, software upgrades, marketing materials, access to the Leads Distribution Platform and much more!


We’ve Got You Covered: 24/7 Support You Can Rely On

If you think our products are cool, just wait until you meet Foto Master’s support team. We are all about giving you true peace of mind.

You will get personal attention from professionals who really care about you and 24/7 availability by phone, online chat, email, Skype, or Facebook.


Keeping Your Service Fresh: Constant Software Upgrades

Amaze your clients with the latest, cutting-edge photo booth features and exclusive premium content assets on a regular basis.

With the “Foto Master Advantage” service package, your lifetime software license gets constantly upgraded with both major and seasonal version releases.

Software releases include new, often game-changing capabilities and industry-leading features developed by Foto Master as well as exclusive premium content assets that keep you way ahead of the competition.

Foto Master: Software Upgrades

Supply of Exclusive Leads

Upon your purchase of Selfie Wi-Fi you will be given access to the ‘Lead Distribution Platform’ (LDP) – a dedicated system developed by Foto Master to help you speed up your return on investment.

The system automatically provides you with contact details (leads) of people in your area currently interested in renting the Selfie Wi-Fi.

  • The leads are sourced by Foto Master directly.
  • The leads are shared quickly, keeping them current for you.
  • The leads you receive are not shared with anyone else, keeping them exclusive for you.
  • The contacts expect a Selfie Wi-Fi owner in their area to contact them with an offer.

For more information about how the system works, visit this blog post.

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⏳ An overflow of events has been occurring since the coronavirus subsided.

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Let's Go!


Choose your package.

Selfie Wi-Fi Software: Lifetime License 65” TV Selfie Wi-Fi Stand Dye-Sub Printer Single-Board Computer with Wi-Fi 24/7 Support Service: One Year Free Software Upgrades: One Year Free Lead Distribution Platform: One Year Free Personal Training Session: Online Marketing Materials

Optional: you may opt to annually renew the 'One Year Free' services of your chosen package for US$295.

There are no revenue share conditions or any hidden usage fees. All policies are available in the following link: Policies.

Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive the license key, download link, access to marketing materials and the recommended hardware list.

Once all of the equipment arrives our support team will schedule an online training session with you to make sure that you are ready to start using the product to its full potential.

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