Digital & Interactive Attractions for Hotels & Resorts

Kids friendly hotels and resorts are perfect places for Foto Master’s Interactive Digital Attractions. Guest of all ages will be more than happy to interact, learn and enjoy the fun and advanced Digital Interactive Attractions. Foto Master’s products allow the guest to interact and create their own digital creations with interactive games that they don’t see every day! Later, they can share their creation or take it as a souvenir from their vacation.

Why to add Digital Interactive Attraction to Your Hotel?


Amaze the guest with experiences that they haven’t seen before.


Engage kids of all ages and capabilities.


Large number of options to keeps kids entertained.


Select between different products, have them all or order just one, it’s up to your budget and the space you allocate.


Foto Maste’rs digital interactive products has state-of-the-art design that sets your hotel apart and appeals to today’s modern, high-tech aesthetic.


Branding option is also available in each and every product.


Social Marketing inside (share via Facebook / Twitter and more…).


Entire families can easily participate.

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