Digital Attractions for Entertainment Centers

Entertainment Centers are an amazing place to bring to kids and families. With new attractions that they can’t have at home, many Fun Entertainment Centers are packed with Inflatables, Games, Small rides and have lately been adding the new digital interactive games that are in high demand.

Welcome To The New Digital & Interactive FEC

The interactive digital attractions adds the wow factor and allow the guest to experience, learn and create while having the time of their life. Those digital attractions have many more advantages over the more banal attractions that we are all familiar with such as:


Use Less Space

Most digital attractions are based on a TV that is mounted to the wall. They require minimum space and allow you to add more attractions to your existing location.


Be More Educational

The digital attractions hide amidst the fun educational aspects that encourage visitors to be creative thinkers, learners and enjoy an activity like never before.


Offer More than 1 Product with the Same Hardware

Without products, it is easy to change attractions with a simple software update. No need to change the hardware or game environment! For example AIR Graffiti Touch can be used for:

  • Drawing on your own photo
  • Dot to Dot Games
  • Fill Coloring Games

Many other interactive digital games that are in development and are based on the same hardware as well.

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