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The "Foto Master Advantage" Service Package

Get ahead with Foto Master's included 24/7 support, software upgrades, marketing materials, access to the Leads Distribution Platform and much more!


We’ve Got You Covered: 24/7 Support You Can Rely On

If you think our products are cool, just wait until you meet Foto Master’s support team. We are all about giving you true peace of mind.

You will get personal attention from professionals who really care about you and 24/7 availability by phone, online chat, email, Skype, or Facebook.


Keeping Your Service Fresh: Constant Software Upgrades

Amaze your clients with the latest, cutting-edge photo booth features and exclusive premium content assets on a regular basis.

With the “Foto Master Advantage” service package, your lifetime software license gets constantly upgraded with both major and seasonal version releases.

Software releases include new, often game-changing capabilities and industry-leading features developed by Foto Master as well as exclusive premium content assets that keep you way ahead of the competition.

Foto Master: Software Upgrades

Supply of Exclusive Leads

Upon your purchase of a Foto Master photo booth you will be given access to the ‘Lead Distribution Platform’ (LDP) – a dedicated system developed by Foto Master to help you speed up your return on investment.

The system automatically provides you with contact details (leads) of people in your area currently interested in renting your model of Foto Master photo booth.

  • The leads are sourced by Foto Master directly.
  • The leads are shared quickly, keeping them current for you.
  • The leads you receive are not shared with anyone else, keeping them exclusive for you.
  • The contacts expect a product owner in their area to contact them with an offer.

For more information about how the system works, visit this blog post.

Annual Renewal Pricing

One year of free “Foto Master Advantage” service package is included with each purchase of a lifetime Foto Master software license. In a year’s time, you may optionally choose to renew the service package at the following annual rates.

Number of Licenses123456+
Foto Master Photo Booth Software, Standard Edition$325$293$260$228$195$163
Foto Master Photo Booth Software, Mirror Me Edition$325$293$260$228$195$163
Foto Master Photo Booth Software, iPad Edition$325$293$260$228$195$163
Foto Master Photo Mosaic Software$590$531$472$413$354$295
Foto Master Draw Me Bot Software (MacOs and iOS)$495$446$396$347$297$248
Foto Master AIR Graffiti Software$495$446$396$347$297$248
Foto Master Video Flip Software$295$266$236$207$177$148
Foto Master Augmented Reality Software$345$311$276$242$207$173

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