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A Post by Red RobotPublished November 05, 2016

So, you might now be thinking there’s a lot of hazards involved in starting up a photo booth business – but don’t freak out just yet, as we’re here to help.

We’ve learnt many hard lessons through our own experience. We have been here since the birth of the mobile Photo Booth industry. We learnt the hard way by testing and proving our strategies over years of trial and error. We started making photo booths in 2007 and spent years refining our strategy and improving our processes.

We know what works. That’s why it is particularly frustrating to see so many people trying to start up in the industry from scratch and falling on so many of the simple common mistakes.

We learnt very early that the photo booth that you use can cost you heaps of time and extra resources to manage and make your business un-profitable. So, among other things, focussing on improving the operation of our photo booths was what made us so successful – we have just a few business awards to prove it! (trumpet toot sound). This is just the tip of the iceberg

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The business landscape has changed so radically in such a short space of time that there are now so many other factors to consider. What worked 3 years ago doesn’t work so well anymore. So again we have a unique position where we work closely with so many great customers and we are continually learning first hand what does and doesn’t work today.

We are passionate about doing things that positively impact people’s lives. That’s why we design for efficiency, reliability and function because these are the things that will give you a solid basis for success. We’re not here just to sell photo booths, we’re here to build the products, tools and strategies that you need to be successful.

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