Boosting Profits This Xmas

A Post by Red RobotPublished December 9, 2013

You may have been in business long enough now to see that when you supply a good product and a great service the demand is awesome. In the Photo Booth industry, getting the bookings is not so hard. But when it comes to paying staff, super, insurance, tax, consumables, supplies, fuel, registration, websites, marketing etc, the hard part is just turning a descent profit.

One of the biggest headaches for small business today is profit.

Solving this very issue is what lead to the design of our products all those years ago. Today we have a proven commercial platform that has started many people in the Photo Booth industry and cut running costs for many already in the industry. It’s not about getting bookings anymore, it’s about getting more from the bookings you have. So if you want to switch your business into the fast lane and start realising more profit, here are some suggestions:

  • Saving on setup and transport time = lower wages. Stop sending multiple people out to each event! All of our Photo Booth models are designed to be a single person setup and pack down. And if you are looking to expand to multiple booths then the savings will multiply.
    Use a system that is easy to train. There is no doubt that technical training for staff is difficult. They forget 90% of what you teach them and end up calling you every weekend. We have designed our Photo Booth models around an easy to learn and transferrable system that is also easy to troubleshoot.
  • Lower your printing cost. Consider using a cheaper supplier for your printing media. We don’t use lock in contracts and our media cost is 16c per print to our customers. It also arrives within a couple of business days.
  • Choose an Australian supplier. There is nothing worse than having critical failures on your machine and having to wait months for parts to come from overseas – or worse yet sending your booth away in a crate (along with your profits!). All of our models are easy to self-maintain and all parts are in stock in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Go for portability. If you already have trailers and vans or trucks, choosing a more portable Photo Booth will allow you to fit more in and reduce your transport costs. If expanding your fleet, consider a PhotoStation that can pack into the back of a staff members’ car.

While being one of the biggest factors in your profitability, your choice in Photo Booth is just the start. It provides a good foundation for the rest of your business to grow upon. You can Rent to Own a new Photo Booth from $123 per week.

Red Robot is Australia’s first and only commercial export digital Photo Booth manufacturer. We have more than 5 years worth of hard learned experience in this fledgling industry.

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