Winning Sydney Design Award

Photo booth by red robot wins Sydney design award.

A Post by Red RobotPublished August 31, 2014

Sydney, 20 August, 2014 – Celebrating courage in design from both commissioners and creators, The Sydney Design Awards are pleased to announce Red Robot wins the Product Design – Entertainment category Award, among many other outstanding winners at the 2014 Sydney Design Awards. Over 120 design projects were selected as finalists in the Awards, which attracted a record number of nominations.

Awards were announced by design100 and Sydney Design Awards Founder & CEO Mark Bergin, today at the newly created Brand X Event Space L3 Central at One Central Park, Sydney.

“This year Sydney has truly embraced the awards with the result being a remarkable collection of courageous projects “said Mark Bergin of design100 and the Sydney Design Awards. “To stay relevant in a global market we need to accelerate transformation, the economic race is being dictated by other markets that are growing much faster than ours. Design is the most effective and efficient means to accelerate transformation, our goal is to recognise those who have had the courage to commission new design projects. The more we recognise those who have taken proactive steps to accelerate our market, the faster we’ll see others taking up the same challenge.”

The Red Robot Classic Photo Booth was chosen due to it’s unique design concept and the way it meets market needs:

The market is continually in need of portability and durability. Striking a balance between the two has been a major design challenge. Durability is required as the Photo Booth is used most often subject to large throughput of foot traffic. The Photo Booth is essentially a small scale building that needs to be safe and durable enough for large volumes. We also needed something portable that could be operated by a single person without compromising structural integrity. For business needs, sending out multiple people to set up and operate a Photo Booth is not ideal. With a combination of materials and design inspired by earthquake proof building concepts the Photo Booth has achieved the durability required while also being portable enough for a single person operation.Large brands and marketers have also been searching for a way to harness the massive potential of photos sharing via social media effectively. In terms of social media and branding ability, a clever use of software has allowed marketers to use our Photo Booths in public spaces and events to gain followers and allow users to connect directly with brands through a unique and fun experience.

The Sydney Design Awards are part of the global multi-disciplinary Design Awards program and follow the successful New York Design Awards held earlier this year. Next in the series will be the founding program, the Melbourne Design Awards in October and the newly launched London Design Awards in November. 2015 will also see the introduction San Francisco and Chicago together with an Asia based program.

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