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A Post by Red RobotPublished March 31, 2016

In it’s second year, Red Robot is proud to be a Gold sponsor of the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas 2016. Running from 11-13 April this year promises to be incredible with an amazing line up of speakers, master classes and the cream of the crop of the Photo Booth industry. Red Robot will be showing off it’s latest line of award winning Photo Booths at stand 511 along with some super special expo deals. After a brilliant response, Phil Preston will be speaking right after the keynote on the 11th at 12:45 with some more golden tips from almost 10 years in the Photo Booth industry.

Here is a short excerpt from what Phil will be speaking about on the first day:

What do your customers actually really want?

After spending many years beating our heads together to try and work out how to get more sales, how to get more customers, how to make more money – we realised we were completely missing the point. One of the most powerful lessons we ever learned in our business was about how our customers actually think, how they make decisions and what causes them to choose you over a competitor. It actually has nothing to do with your products, your pricing, fluffy marketing or trying to “stand out from the crowd”. The truth is that the most amazing examples of success in the world have a common crucial element. Get ready for some shocking truths that we learned the hard way. We’re going to re-orient the way you think about what you do, what your customers actually want and how you can get the success you want in the future of the Photo Booth industry.

Plus: we conducted the largest Photo Booth customer research project to find out what matters most to your customers. The results are in and you will walk away with some incredible insights that may surprise you!

About Phil:

Phil is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and co-founder of Red Robot. Since 2007, together with business partner Duncan Amos, the team at Red Robot has grown by designing and building clever Photo Booths that aim to be faster, lighter and more portable. Today Red Robot has helped more than 430 people across the globe to generate more than $60 million and has won 9 different business and design awards in the process. Red Robot is now the largest manufacturer of Photo Booths in the Southern hemisphere and one of the longest standing in the industry.

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