The Mistake in Choosing a “Pretty” Photo Booth

A Post by Red RobotPublished January 25, 2017

Everyone wants a good looking photo booth, right? You don’t want something ugly that won’t appeal to any of your prospective customers. The thinking goes something like “I must have the most attractive gear so I get the most hires and I can be the most successful”.

Well, you know what they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. No matter what photo booth you buy or how you build it or dress it up, some people will think that it’s ugly no matter what. So, how can you win?

Too often I hear about people asking their friends and family or customers about which booth “looks” best and then make a decision based on the answer. While it is wise to survey your customers, as they are the ones that will spend the money with you, the reality is that you have asked the wrong question. By asking which is the most attractive they only have an answer about which booth looks best, not which one will make you the most amount of money. The reality is that your photo booths appearance is only a very small factor in your customer’s decision to book with you. People hire you not for how your booth looks but what it does and what you deliver – this is a very important distinction.

The appearance of your Photo Booth will only matter to a small percentage of your customers, but, functionality will affect every hire you do and can eat away your profit margins.

Don’t get me wrong, appearance is important, your Photo Booth needs to be professional at the very least. But overall, its functionality and efficiency will affect your profit margins more than the appearance of the booth. An inefficient operation will cost you more than it should on every hire in terms of setup time, more maintenance for unreliable parts and materials, or extra people required to load in and set up cumbersome and heavy products. So it makes sense to invest more in function rather than appearance.

But if you could find something that is both elegant and efficient, well then you’re onto a winner!

We learnt this lesson in the very early days and this is why we pride ourselves on designing around efficiency first, then wrapping it in an incredible looking package. Red Robot photo booth designs are about function, maximum efficiency, lowest running cost, and the most professional and highly customisable appearance – things that make you look great when you’re rolling in an out of venues with ease.

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