How Big Brands Are Using Photo Sharing

A fully branded Photo Booth that serves as a Social Media photo sharing platform.

A Post by Red RobotPublished August 18, 2013

Limited edition booths for a limited edition drink. In October 2012 Red Robot delivered five specially designed and fully branded Photo Booths for a special limited edition product. The booths have been designed to provide further interactivity between people and the brand at live music festivals and events. The campaign has shown that well known and increasingly socially connected brands like are utilizing the opportunity that social photo sharing is providing.

Users can take a snap, walk away with a branded photo strip and then tag themselves on the Facebook brand page. The printed branding on the booths looks fantastic and the Photo Booth has been a hit at all events. Apart from external branding, the Photo Booths allow branding of the photo strips and the touch screen user interface. Additionally, Green Screen technology has provided a further branding space and allows punters to appear at the beach or underwater. The built-in wind machines provide a further chill out element.

Red Robot: Branded Photo Booth

The digital social media results have been fantastic with punters tagging themselves and ‘liking’ their photos instantaneously on Facebook. Among other events, the specially made Photo Booths have contributed to an increase in over 30,000 fan page likes for the brand over a 3 month period. Not to mention over 10,000 branded photos taken is a compliment to the logistical success of the campaign. See some examples here.

Red Robot: Photo Booth Branding, Social Results

The booths are appearing all over the country at festivals such as Big Day Out, Harvest, Stereosonic, Future Music and various University O-Weeks. The logistics for so many large scale events was a big deal. The experiential marketing company utilises multiple event staff at each location to operate the Photo Booth and tend the drink stand. It was extremely important for the staff to have a system that could be easily transported and set up with a minimum of fuss. High reliability and flexibility was also a must. The Red Robot platform was chosen due to its unique set up, custom branding, transportability, software and reliability. Custom user interfacing was provided along with custom software to provide a live up-link to Facebook for all images. As required when using live social technologies a vetting process was also implemented. Live support and priority spares from Red Robot ensure that breakages and spares are catered to keep the units running. The non-proprietary nature of the design also means that repairs can be made on site regardless of the staff member’s technical ability.

Overall Red Robot has worked very closely with the brand and the client to enjoy the great success of the campaign. We love the opportunity to develop custom solutions that allow brands to capitalise on Photo Sharing as an incredibly powerful marketing platform.

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