Modular Photo Station: Wall Mounted

Red Robot's Modular Photo Station

A discontinued Red Robot product: The Modular Photo Station is poised to shake up the industry in Australia.

Offering high quality components in a powerful system that works without locking you down and limiting your options. The modularized system allows you the flexibility to offer your customers a variety of services without a massive outlay on cost.

The process is simple… One System Head Unit with camera and touch screen, multiple customizable enclosed booth configurations

Modular Photo Station: Variations

One System, Infinite Possibilities


Photo Station

The single station style setup is the standard configuration with camera and printer option.

Modular Photo Station: 3D Render
Modular Photo Station

Kid Size Photo Station

Remove the mid section to form a kids height unit. Cater to the kids party market with a kids friendly users interface and an open format so parents can keep an eye on kids at all times.

Modular Photo Station: Kid Size

Enclosed Photo Booth

The head unit can be removed from your Photo Station and installed in the enclosed booth (available separately and coming soon…)

Modular Photo Booth: Enclosed

Stand Alone

The System Head Unit can be operated stand alone as a desk top solution for social sharing and other solution. Use the head unit in a retail store or venue to engage customers and build social media followers and brand awareness.

Modular Photo Station: Stand Alone

Wall Mount

The System Head Unit can also be wall mounted or built into a wall for a permanent photo sharing solution.

Modular Photo Station: Wall Mount

New ModPod Enclosure

The revolutionary new ModPod is a fully rigid, flat packed enclosed design for the Photo Station head unit. If you already have a Photo Station you can simply plug in the head unit and printer and you now have a fully customisable, enclosed Photo Booth at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

Modular Photo Station: ModPod Enclosure

One Price with Multiple Outcomes

Buying the standard Photo Station will give you a multitude of different types of setup that you can offer. From a stand alone social media sharing product, to the full floor standing to a fully enclosed Photo Booth. This way you can save money on expensive components with a single head unit that can transfer between enclosures.

Modular Photo Station: Options

Remarkable Branding

Available in standard colors with interchangeable branding panel section. Promote your brand or your clients. You can brand right down to the touch screen menus, social media posts and the individual photo strips.

Modular Photo Station: Branding


Packed full of the best features, the Photo Station shames some of the most expensive Photo Booths on the market. Both it’s hardware and software are designed to be upgrade-able so you can keep up with the latest technologies and developments in the industry.


Powerful Social Media

Allowing your users to share on social media is the smartest decision you can make. Not only is it an incredible way to promote your business, it also allows the use of photo sharing as a branding medium that is growing rapidly in popularity. Including the all important post to Facebook personal as well as Pages, our social media tools act as a gate way to the photo sharing.


Ultimate Portability

Available in standard colors with interchangeable branding panel section. Promote your brand or your clients. You can brand right down to the touch screen menus, social media posts and the individual photo strips.


High Quality, Customisable Photo Booths at A Low Cost

With a super low print cost and archival quality prints, this is just another reason why the Red Robot line of products is the smartest business decision you can make.

  • 15 cents per print. Thats the cost to you for each pair of strips.
    Media is held in stock in every state in Australia, New Zealand with stocks available around the world.
  • No lock in contracts, buy what you need from us or someone else.
  • We buy more media in Australia so we can offer the lowest prices.
  • All prints are archival quality and made to last 100 years.
  • Newer type Dye Sublimation technology means sharper images and better quality prints.

Build Your Own Enclosed, Customisable Photo Booths

The Head Unit is the brains of the operation and can be bought separately for an out of the box photo sharing solution that works – no guessing required. The Head Unit can be used as a permanent social media tool for a business that wants to harness photo sharing for marketing. It can also be integrated into any bespoke custom-built photo booths or other technology.

At Red Robot Industries, we have done all the hard work for you, so it can be plugged in and customised quickly. We also offer accessories, hashtag print stations, mirror me booths, and various other models to buy.

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