Classic Photo Booth

Red Robot's Classic Photo Booth

A discontinued Red Robot product: The Classic Photo Booth is designed to offer the fully enclosed Photo Booth experience that people have come to expect in an incredibly mobile package that requires only one person to set up operate.

Built around the best industry standards and high quality equipment, the Classic Photo Booth is safe, highly flexible and will save you money.

The Classic Photo Booth is designed to be an incredibly flexible platform with a range of options and add-ons. This allows you to customize your product and service and to offer more than anyone else in the market. Play the video now to see the possibilities!


Made for Quality

Image quality is important. That’s why the Classic Photobooth has been designed around studio quality lighting and Digital SLR cameras for the best quality images.

Even though images are printed small, digital copies of all images are saved in high res to allow large format prints for added income.

Studio lighting provides great quality professional images that will leave your customers looking great and more likely to recommend you.

Classic Photo Booth: Components

Made Smart

The Classic Photobooth is cleverly designed to save you time and money with its simple setup process

  • Setup by one single person
  • Setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • Reduce your running costs and your effort
  • OH&S Friendly with no heavy lifting

Made for Business

With a super low print cost and archival quality prints, this is just another reason why the Red Robot line of products is the smartest business decision you can make.

  • 16 cents per print. Thats the cost to you for each pair of strips.
  • Media is held in stock in every state in Australia, New Zealand with stocks available around the world.
  • No lock in contracts, buy what you need from us or someone else.
  • We buy more media in Australia so we can offer the lowest prices.
  • All prints are archival quality and made to last 100 years.
  • Newer type Dye Sublimation technology means sharper images and better quality prints.
Classic Photo Booth

Made to Last

Made entirely from steel and aluminium, the Classic Photobooth platform has been designed and engineered to withstand the rental industry without compromising on mobility.

Thanks to the innovative folding design, the Classic Photobooth can be transported without the need for a specialty built trailer or van.

The materials have also been selected to reduce the risk of fire hazard common with booths made from flammable materials such as fabric, cardboard and wood.

Classic Photo Booth: Portability

100% Aussie Made

All Red Robot products are designed, made and supported in Australia. We are Australia’s number one PhotoBooth manufacturer and exporter. We have distributors in every state of Australia and products in operation overseas.

This means that spare parts are on hand in Australia and not overseas. They ship to you straight away.

Red Robot also supports local business and charities. By buying Australian made you are supporting industries that employ Australian and benefit the Australian Economy.

Red Robot: Photo Booths Range

Made for Branding

From exterior posters to user screen branding, the Classic Photobooth is a blank canvas waiting for you to create.

Customisation includes branding space on the outside of the booth and a unique shroud system to allow you to attached printed posters quickly and easily.

User screen menus on the touch screen and the photo strips are customisable with logos, colours, text and any format of print layout.

Also available in in a range of powder coat colours.

Plus a huge range of options to help you stand out even more.

Classic Photo Booth: Branding


With more features than you can poke a mouse at, the Classic Photo Booth is designed to be exceptional. More ability means that your product and service is even more engaging to your customers. We are always developing new technologies and add-ons so you can keep your customers coming back.

Classic Photo Booth

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