Atom Photo Booth

Red Robot's Atom Photo Booth

A discontinued Red Robot product: The ATOM ultra portable Photo Booth makes it quicker and easier than ever to start and run your Photo Booth business.

With all the features of the more expensive models in a small suit case like package, the ATOM is designed to drastically reduce running costs and improve your profit. The sleek lightweight metal design allows for superior strength an ease of transportation with head turning looks. With constant development of new additional attachments and products to complement the ATOM you will always be able to stay on the forefront of the technology available to the industry.


Ultra Portable

Designed to save you money through lower operating costs and requiring less time and effort.

  • Rolls in like a suit case and set up in less than 3 minutes
  • No need to purchase a large van or trailer, just put it in your car
  • Super light weight at just 46kg
  • Simple enough to be operated by any staff members
Atom Photo Booth: Ultra Portable
Atom Photo Booth: Ultra Portable

Cost Effective

Designed to increase your profits

  • The most affordable starting price
  • Unbeatable consumables at 16c per print (if printer option chosen)
  • Cut costs on extra staff wages associated with the transportation and set-up of the Booth
  • Provide for events as a set-and-forget process and reduce your staff costs even more
  • Also doubles as a portable digital signage system for extra exposure and income
Atom Photo Booth: Cost Effective


The open and flexible platform that allows you to use the most advanced Photo Booth features available. More ability means that your product and service is even more engaging to your customers. We are always developing new technologies and add-ons so you can keep your customers coming back for more.

Social Media Savvy

With the most powerful Social Media integration the ATOM is a powerful marketing platform. Bridging the gap between people, photo sharing and big brands as well as allowing your customers to share the way they want to.

Atom Photo Booth: Feature Packed

Quality Build

The ATOM Photo Booth has been designed and built with quality in mind. Using an incredibly long lasting metal structure and quality components the ATOM is built to last.

100% Aussie Made

All Red Robot products are designed, made and supported in Australia. We are Australia’s number one PhotoBooth manufacturer and exporter. We have distributors in every state of Australia and products in operation overseas.

This means that spare parts are on hand in Australia and not overseas. They ship to you straight away.

Red Robot also supports local business and charities. By buying Australian made you are supporting industries that employ Australian and benefit the Australian Economy.

Atom Photo Booth: High Quality Build

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