Custom Development

Foto Master develops interactive & digital attractions custom made for you.

Our development is so appealing because we keep our development costs low by reusing our software components through our existing projects. We have a wide variety of customers that choose to utilize our digital & interactive development.

For Example: We have hospitals that use’s our custom development to build an interactive digital zone and companies like VANS that initiated the development of Cloud Photo Booth with us, a product which they use to manage their Photo Booths all around the world and everything based on an online back-end and cutting edge front-end that Foto Master custom developed for them.

Why to develop my idea with Foto Master?


This is What We Do: We have years of experience in the entertainment field developing and executing products that have been sold hundreds of times all over the world.


Appealing Price: Pay less and enjoy your dream! We will keep the price low if we will be able to reuse your components development with future projects or products that we have.


Living Product: Enjoy further development for free! If we will productize your project you will enjoy free upgrades and features to your project.


Existing Components: We have already developed many components such as integration with Facebook / Twitter / Email / Videos / Printing / Sharing, Green Scree, Kinect v2 gestures and many more features that we will use in your existing product.


High Quality: Your product won’t be developed by some unknown developer of some 3rd side company. It will be designed, developed and delivered to your by Boaz Telem and Foto Master team.


Here is VANS comment on “Cloud Foto Booth” Development:

“…This is Above and Beyond…”

We Need To Love Your Idea To Invest In Developing It

As part of keeping your development cost low, we integrate your developments to our existing or future products and rely on that for our main revenue stream. If your idea is not good enough or has a limited market, there is a good chance we won’t be able to take your project.

If your idea is for our main markets and it’s a good Idea, contact us today, we will execute your idea to its best.

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