Magic Mirror Miami

Business showcase and case study with owner Nicole Scott Bonilla.

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Magic Mirror Miami brings you the Ferrari of photo booths. This unique mirror is unlike anything you have ever seen and we guarantee 99% of your guests have never seen it either. If you want the best of the best in product and customer service – contact us!

  • Business Location: Miami, Florida, US
  • Service Radius: 100 Mi
  • Phone Number: +19549909224
  • Email Address:
Magic Mirror Miami: Foto Master's Mirror Me Booth

We Asked. Magic Mirror Miami Answered.


What Were Your Hopes Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?

To be able to make photo boothing a full time job.


What Were Your Concerns Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?



How Was Your Business Affected By Getting A Foto Master Product? Did You Return Your Initial Investment?

For the best! I got my return of investment and much more.


What Do You Think About Foto Master’s 24/7 Support Team? How Did Your Product Training Go? Have They Ever Helped Your Business?



Ever Got Any Added Value from Foto Master’s Online Facebook Community (A.K.A ‘The Family’)?



You Went Back In Time! You’re Just Starting Out. Give Your Past-Self Some Important Tips

Don’t buy everything that you think you will need lol.

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