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Business showcase and case study with owner Matay Lahdo.

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We focus on high quality photo booths for our customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and even in Germany.

  • Business Location: Amsterdam, NL
  • Service Radius: 350 Km
  • Phone Number: +31857600222
  • Email Address:
Booth Deluxe: Foto Master's Mirror Me Booth
Booth Deluxe: Foto Master's Mirror Me Booth

We Asked. Booth Deluxe Answered.


What Were Your Hopes Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?

I was hoping that the Mirror Me Booth would be light and easy to transport. I was also very curious about how the software would work out for us.


What Were Your Concerns Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?

I had no concerns.


How Was Your Business Affected By Getting A Foto Master Product? Did You Return Your Initial Investment?

Since we are using Foto Master’s photo booth software (Mirror Me edition) instead of other brands and their software we’ve noticed that clients are more enthusiastic. Probably because of the many animations, quality and fast performance.


What Do You Think About Foto Master’s 24/7 Support Team? How Did Your Product Training Go? Have They Ever Helped Your Business?

The team had directly helped me with a good solution whenever I called.


Ever Got Any Added Value from Foto Master’s Online Facebook Community (A.K.A ‘The Family’)?

I haven’t joined as a member yet.

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