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Business showcase and case study with owner Rosemarie Belisle.

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New England’s #1 Photo Booth Company featuring the unique state of the art Mirror Me photo booth. The Mirror Me mirror photo booth will surely amaze your guests and make your event one to remember.

Our custom animations and photo templates are designed to fit the theme of your event or corporate image. The Mirror Me is perfect for weddings, corporate events, marketing, Bar-Mitzvah’s and much more.

Contact us for more information and to help make your event one to remember!

  • Business Location: West Springfield, MA, US
  • Service Radius: 200 Mi
  • Phone Number: +14135306020
  • Email Address: AbsolutePhotoBooth@comcast.net
Absolute Photo Booth: Foto Master's Mirror Me Booth
Absolute Photo Booth: Foto Master's Mirror Me Booth
Absolute Photo Booth: Foto Master's Mirror Me Booth
Absolute Photo Booth: Foto Master's Mirror Me Booth

We Asked. Absolute Photo Booth Answered.


What Were Your Hopes Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?

Our hopes were to offer a superior product to our clients that was unique and the best photo booth on the market.


What Were Your Concerns Before Receiving Your First Foto Master Product?

There were no concerns as pre-sales support was phenomenal.


How Was Your Business Affected By Getting A Foto Master Product? Did You Return Your Initial Investment?

Our business increased significantly and we were now able to meet the demand by our clients. Our return on investment was within 5 months.


What Do You Think About Foto Master’s 24/7 Support Team? How Did Your Product Training Go? Have They Ever Helped Your Business?

Excellent support team! I’ve never experienced such a great support team anywhere or with any product. Foto Master has set the bar so high that very few could even come close to the magnificent support team. They are there for you 24/7 and are extremely knowledgeable. Love them!


Ever Got Any Added Value from Foto Master’s Online Facebook Community (A.K.A ‘The Family’)?

The Facebook community is a great resource to learn, get new ideas and support from fellow Mirror Me owners. A simple search for anything will result an answer to your question.


You Went Back In Time! You’re Just Starting Out. Give Your Past-Self Some Important Tips

The Mirror Me photo booth sells itself but your investment doesn’t stop there. You want to invest in yourself, marketing, equipment (including backup equipment) and time. Let people know you have the mirror and deliver superior service with your superior product. The bookings will happen but, as with any business, you need to put the time and energy in promoting your business.

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