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Buy a Portable Mirror Photo Booth

Foto Master's mirror photo booths typically generate a revenue of $750-$4,000 per event.

Buy a Portable DSLR Photo Booth

Foto Master's DSLR photo booths typically generate a revenue of $1,000-$2,500 per event.

Buy a Portable Photo Booth Station

Foto Master's portable photo booth stations typically generate a revenue of $1,000-$25,000 per event.

Photo Mosaic Wall

The ground-breaking photo mosaic station with the fastest return on investment in the event rentals industry.

Creates jaw-dropping digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time; using an exclusive, state-of-the-art algorithm.

Selfie Wi-Fi

Selfie Wi-Fi creates stunning slideshows from live event photos as they are captured by smartphones in real-time. With guests as photographers, fun moments are broadcast onto a large-screen TV for everybody to see and print as their keepsakes.

Air Graffiti Wall

With the world's most advanced software, authentic infrared spray cans and an extremely portable build - the Air Graffiti Wall unleashes a brave new world of creative experiences and has one of the best track records in the event rentals industry.

AIR Graffiti Touch

Air Graffiti Touch is a portable station that captures pro-grade photos and allows participants to engage in an interactive process of creation using an array of entertaining features. The final results can then be shared online and printed as amazing keepsakes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Photo Booth wows guests as their image is augmented with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. The guests interact and control the experience using hand gestures to create an extraordinary photo keepsake.

Video Flip

In less than 90 seconds, guests record a short video clip that is automatically transformed into a 60-frame flip book. The flip book is then assembled and given to the guests to take home as a venue memorabilia.

Buy a Portable iPad Photo Booth

Foto Master's iPad photo booths typically generate a revenue of $450-$1,500 per event.

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Keeping Your Service Fresh: Constant Software Upgrades

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With the “Foto Master Advantage” service package your lifetime software license gets constantly upgraded with both major and seasonal version releases.

Software releases include dozens of new, often game-changing capabilities and industry-leading features developed by Foto Master as well as exclusive premium content that keep you way ahead of the competition.


Supply of Exclusive Leads

As part of the “Foto Master Advantage” service package you will be given access to the ‘Lead Distribution Platform’ (LDP) – a dedicated system developed by Foto Master to help you speed up your return on investment.

The system automatically provides you with contact details of people (leads) in your area currently interested in renting your Foto Master photo booths specifically.

  • The leads are sourced by Foto Master directly.
  • The leads are shared quickly, keeping them current for you.
  • The leads you receive are not shared with anyone else, keeping them exclusive for you.
  • The contacts expect a product owner in their area to contact them with an offer.

For more information about how the system works, visit this blog post.

The Foto Master Family Facebook Group

Your New Family: A Friendly Community of Foto Master’s Photo Booth Owners

We have a group on Facebook for Foto Master’s photo booth owners to which we’ll add you upon your purchase. Once you join as a member, you’ll find a very active, warm and friendly community with helpful discussions, resource sharing, sharing of experiences, software update announcements and much more. It works, looks and feels like a real family.

Start a Photo Booth Business

Prepare to start the greatest photo booth business in your market and make the fastest return on investment with Foto Master's world-leading photo booth catalog.


Can a Photo Booth Business Change Your Life?

Nicole had it all figured out, she was working at a radio station, following the path she had planned for herself, when suddenly she was fired by her boss. Seeing her mother being her own boss throughout her entire life inspired Nicole. She began believing that she can do it as well. Not long after she was fired, Nicole saw a Foto Master ad and realized that she’s finally ready to go her own way and start a photo booth business – knowing that her love for bringing joy and making people happy is what she can do best.

From her very first Mirror Me Booth Nicole grew her Photo Booth business into a booming enterprise, generating an income she never dreamed of bringing home while working in the radio station.


Table of Contents

Starting a photo booth business is a life changing process. From a business plan and a marketing strategy, to developing sales skills and understanding your value proposition. Successful entrepreneurs carefully plan their initial launch, making sure they are generating a good profit while providing a good service.

When you think about starting a business your mind may immediately jump to renting expensive office space, hiring employees and numerous other expenses that come along with it. In that sense, the photo booth industry is very different from many other industries. You can start a successful photo booth business from the comfort of your own home, without giving up your day job, while working after hours, weekends and whenever is most convenient for you.

We at Foto Master consider your success as our own success and your business as an ambassador of the fun we ourselves want to bring to the event industry. We want you to be able to run a successful photo booth business, generate a good income while having a great time. Doing good while doing well.

Sounds exciting? We sure hope so, because we prepared the ultimate 7 steps guide to starting a successful photo booth business. If you’re interested in a particular topic, feel free to jump ahead:

  • Introduction to the Photo Booth Industry
  • Step 1: Business Plan
  • Step 2: Marketing Plan
  • Step 3: Value Proposition
  • Step 4: Sales Skills
  • Step 5: Organized System and Processes
  • Step 6: Pricing
  • Step 7: Booths at your Disposal

Introduction to the Photo Booth Industry

The photo booth industry is an amazing field to be a player in. It’s filled with people who possess true passion for entertainment and bringing joy to others.

Photo booth service providers vary. You can find full time photo booth rental companies with a huge fleet of photo booths and employees, less specific event rental companies that rent out many types of products such as bouncing houses, VR and games alongside its photo booths, DJs or wedding photographers who expanded their services and offer a photo booth as well as music and photography, and many other startups that service events over the weekend and use their company to generate a side income.

What’s in common for all of these different companies is that they all started providing photo booth services at some point and in one way or another obtained the knowledge presented in the steps below, all dedicated to the question of how to start a successful photo booth business.

We formulated this 7 step guide by talking to our Customers about how they started out and what was it that made them go into this business. The conversations revealed many stories about hiring a photo booth service or attending an event that had a photo booth, and a feeling that they could do a better job at it. Other companies expressed that they simply had a desire to offer something new and a photo booth was the perfect way to expand and scale the services they were offering. Others simply wanted to jump on the fun, feeling unstimulated by their 9-5 day-job, longing for a change.

If you feel that the Photo Booth Industry is for you, get on board and follow the following steps.


Step 1: Business Plan

Start with a plan! There’s more than one place to start at, but we recommend that you start with what most excites you. After working with many customers and advising them on the best starting point, we realized that the best way is to start with the bottom line:

How much money can I make by doing this? Want to discover the answer to this question? Check out our first Video on “How to Start a Successful Photo Booth Business” with Eli, Foto Master’s director of operations.

Your first step is to estimate your potential profit by breaking down your expected income as well as expenses that you’re bound to have.
Let’s start with the income. Here is a simple formula to help you calculate your expected income:

Avg Rental Price Per Event X Number of Events

This formula will give you a good sense of the profit you will be able to make. Here’s an example:

If I charge $1000 per event and I’m working 5 events a month (which means 60 events a year) the total income will be $60,000.

In order to increase your bottom line, you can either do more events, or charge more per event. Let’s take the same example of 5 events a month while charging an average price of $1,700 per event. With the same number of events I will achieve a 6 figure annual income of $102,000.

Remember, the price is not just an arbitrary number. Every increase in pricing comes with the expectation of providing additional value. Charging more is great, but make sure you back it up with more value.

Some companies charge $2500 or more on average per event and wouldn’t even consider a gig for anything less than that, while other companies charge $500 per event.

There is nothing wrong with either one of these companies, the market is HUGE and with every year there is an increase in the volume of events, with new vertical markets added that will want to rent a phot booth such as shopping malls, restaurants etc, servicing new needs. Many will look for the cheapest option, while many others will look for the best option and some will go for the in-between. It’s very important that you decide what type of company you want to be before starting your new photo booth business.

As you recall from the formula that I presented at the beginning, we explored the option of increasing the revenue by increasing the average rental price per event. Another way of increasing the revenue is to do more events. How can you do more events? Here are a few factors that can help increase the number of your events:

  • Marketing
  • Value Proposition
  • Sales Skills
  • Organized System to keep track of your leads and customers
  • Pricing
  • Photo Booths at your disposal

If you have an effective good marketing strategy, a fair pricing structure and a single photo booth to offer, supply and demand will help you decide how to increase your bottom line. If your photo booth is overbooked, which means that there’s more demand for your services than you can supply – you will either want to: Increase your pricing or purchase another photo booth to be able to supply the increasing demand.

Last but not least are the expenses that must also be taken into account with your business plan when calculating the bottom line for your business. A great way to approach it is to start a spreadsheet and write down the fixed cost of the business. Some examples of expenses to take into account:

  • Avg Gas cost per event
  • Yearly LLC registration fee
  • Yearly State Tax
  • Storage cost for your equipment
  • etc

Keep in mind that when you’re just starting up there are many ways to save on cost. For example:

you can take calls from home saving you the office rental cost
if you have an in house storage or garage you can save on warehouse storage cost
You can operate the booth at events by yourself instead of hiring an attendant

You can save on a lot of these expenses at the beginning, and as your business grows – you can start delegating, building a team, move to an office with storage and scale up.


Step 2: Marketing Plan

Once you’ve worked out your business plan and are happy and excited about the numbers this new venture is expected to generate for you, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started on your marketing plan.

This is a very exciting step because now you get to plan:

  • Your new Brand identity
  • Your new Website
  • Paid Marketing
  • SEO
  • Offline Marketing

Let’s get into it.

New Brand:

It’s time to choose a name for your company. Start by thinking of a name that you will love to say and be proud of. Next, consult with friends and family to get a sense of how others feel about the name. Once you’re happy with the choices, you’ll want to check if the web domain is available for your business name. You can do a quick search on websites like or Finding a unique brand name will help your business stand out.

Next comes your brand identity. This is the visual personality of your business. Things like color theme, logo, fonts and any other design choice that your customers will see on your website, and other visual materials. Working with a skilled designer will go a long way with bringing your brand to life.

There are a number of websites where you can find an affordable freelance designer such as or Remember, you’ll want to add the cost of the designer to your expenses spreadsheet that we mentioned in the Episode 1.

Your New Website:

Now that you’ve formulated your new brand identity, it’s time to bring it to life. What better way to do that than creating a beautiful website dedicated to your new business?. There are many platforms you can use to your advantage like for example, that provide you with the necessary tools to set up a new website quickly and without any previous knowledge required.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can also create something a bit more advanced of course. If you have the tech skills and web development expertise, you can create a WordPress based website or even hire a professional web developer to build you a website from scratch.

SEO Plan:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put: you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you when they search for the services you provide. This is one of the most important things to factor in when building a website. You want the search engines to love your website and offer it at the top search results. We highly recommend contacting a professional service provider that can help you with SEO down the road, unless, of course, you have the knowledge it takes to do your own SEO.

Paid Marketing:

Now that you have a beautiful website set up, and you have your SEO down, you can concentrate on other ways to increase traffic to your website. There are many proven platforms, google ads for example, that you can use for paid marketing. Take into account before launching your paid campaign, that if your website is not properly constructed to convert prospects into bookings, and that the services you offer are not accurately presented there – the cost per lead may increase based on these factors. Keep this in mind when planning your website.

If you feel comfortable with what you have, define your marketing budget on the platform or platforms you selected to launch your paid campaign on and constantly monitor its success to see if it’s worth increasing or reducing your budget at any given time.

Offline Marketing:

Every event you attend has the potential to generate you additional leads and bookings. When servicing an event, make sure that you come with this mindset. Always carry business cards with your contact information and be prepared to write down guests’ info to be able to contact them later for their future events. This is a HUGE marketing opportunity so don’t waste it.

With that in mind, since you are just starting out – don’t hesitate to book a few free events with your friends and family or even local charities. Use these events to meet potential prospects, get your name out there and film them for future use as unique marking materials for your own website.

What’s absolutely great about starting your new business with Foto Master is that Foto Master provides you with many professional photos and videos from real events, featuring your product, that can be used for your marketing needs, so you can begin the work on your website within 24 hours from making the investment.

Our next video will cover the Value aspect of your proposed offer and help us get a better understanding of pricing.


Step 3: Value Proposition

A value proposition tells prospects why they should do business with you, pointing out the benefits of choosing your services. In this video we will try to answer the question: What is the value you’re offering your potential customers that may sway them into choosing you for their events?

Not all leads coming your way have the same motivation or urgency. For some, having a photo booth at their event is a must. For others a photo booth is merely optional. Some will understand the value your offer brings with it and will be willing to pay more for better value propositions and some won’t recognize the difference.

Here comes the practical tip: list the services that you think your end clients will value and only then, when you understand everything that you have at your disposal, you can move forward with pricing and packages.

Here are some of the things that customers may value:

Price: setting the right price is key. If you price your services too low – it may send the message: “Low price low value”. Some prospects may run the other way, some may go for it but expect to get the same value they would if they paid more. On the other hand, setting a very high price may filter too many prospects, so keeping a good balance and setting a price that corresponds to the value you provide is the way to go.

Product Experience: If you have a great product on your hands, one that provides truly unique and exciting experiences – many customers will recognize the value in that and will be prepared to pay a higher price. Better product – more value.

Product Aesthetic: Just like everything else in life, the attractiveness of your product plays a great role. If your product is not only visually pleasing but also possesses the WOW factor, it can be a determining factor in the value your prospects will attach to it.

Personal Connection: Establishing a personal connection with your clients can go a long way. The manner of your communication over the phone, your approach, professionalism and charm can be the reason your client will choose your services. Leave them with the feeling that they are in great hands, and that you will provide them and their guests an outstanding service at the event. There’s nothing better than paying someone you feel positively about – someone you actually like. I, for instance, would definitely pay more to be serviced by someone I find pleasant to work with.

Peace of Mind: Many clients will be willing to pay more to have peace of mind, trusting their vendor to execute the event flawlessly. This element can be translated into things like:
How early you’re prepared to arrive before the event starts. If you only need 30 minutes to set up your photo booth but are still willing to commit to arriving 90 min prior to the event – just in case – you will make your customer feel at ease, and relieve him of unnecessary stress. Being willing to arrive earlier than others can also give you an advantage when you negotiate.
Another angle you can use to your advantage is your insurance volume. If you insured your product for up to $1,000,000 for example, mention it to the corporate clients or venues that consider it as a determining factor.
Peace of mind can also be achieved by pointing out that the software you’re using is the most stable, feature rich and versatile software out there. They are simply getting the best there is.
These are just 3 examples but there are plenty more ways to put your prospect’s mind at ease, making them feel comfortable with choosing you for their event.

Workflows, Features & Content: Having a software that provides high-end content, unique features and the flexibility that allows you to tailor the workflow to your customers needs comes with great advantages. This can be the difference between being able to say “Sure! we can do it for you, we can make it happen” Versus “Sorry… we can’t do it. We don’t have the capability to achieve what you’re asking”. Being able to offer such flexibility can be the reason you get the booking.

Branding and Customization: Add even more value by offering branding and customization options, starting from photo layouts in the software, choice of animations, games and workflows to the external booth wrap, roll ups and other add ons. If you’re able to come up with a generous list of customization options and branding ideas, you will have a better chance of providing more value than others.

Other Add-ons: Add-ons like fun Props, special backdrops, scrapbooks, thumb drives holding all the photos taken using your photo booth, a background removal experience using green screen, an edited video of guests using the photo booth during the event (which you will be creating anyway for your marketing needs) are a great way to increase your value proposition.


Step 4: Sales Skills

When leads begin to stream in, the phone starts ringing and your new service is on demand. A new skill set that will help you increase your conversion rate from lead to a booking event is now required. In Episode 4 Eli will explore what it means to be a good Salesman and what you need to know to be able to book more events.

Since you’re only just starting up, you are the very first sales manager of your newly founded business. You will be the one communicating with your clients, negotiating prices and managing their accounts with the goal of booking as many events as you can handle in mind.

When doing sales, your number one task is to understand your client’s needs and match them with the package that best fits them. Be advised that there can be a difference between what the client says he needs and what he actually needs, and your job as the experienced Photo Booth Owner is to help uncover what it is that he is actually asking for by asking the right questions and pinpointing what he values and what he doesn’t.

These questions can also help you understand what best to offer each client. An example of such a question is: Which venue did you choose for your wedding? The answer will give you an idea of what your prospect is willing to invest in. If their chosen location is expensive, it might reflect on your customer’s budget. This can navigate you towards offering them the more luxurious products and packages that you have.

Having the questions ready can help you close more deals and increase your conversion rate from potential leads to booked events.

In our previous episode we mentioned how important the communication with your prospects is as it will reflect on the customer service that your customer will come to expect from you in his coming event. Focus on:

  • Answering in a timely manner.
  • Be polite and professional.
  • Bring your special charm and charisma into the game.

Prepare yourself though. You will hear a lot of Nos, but don’t let the Nos shake you. You will not be able to get a Yes without first sifting through the Nos. Let’s take a 5% conversion rate as an example and break it down. 5% is quite a good conversion rate, yet it means that out of 100 prospects you will talk to, only 5 will eventually book with you. Being prepared for the no doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always fight for the yes. Do everything you can to improve your conversion rate.

In our next episode I will further discuss how to increase your conversion rate by using solid information systems.


Step 5: Organized System and Processes

Controlling the flow of information can help you increase your conversion rate from a lead to a booked event. Not only that, but it can also save you time and money. In Episode 5 Eli will explore the advantages of using information systems such as CRM and Lead Management System.

Good sales skills are imperative when it comes to converting potential leads into bookings, but they are not the only thing you should rely on. There are other valuable tools that can help you increase your overall conversion rates and you should consider adding to your arsenal.

Let’s break it down to what we actually need our selected system to be able to do for us:
Follow up with leads and keep the conversation going.
Help us book more events with less effort.
Help us measure our results and get a better understanding of what it is we do that affects our conversion rate one way or another.

While there are many more utilities that can come in handy, these are the most important ones you’ll want to have at your disposal when starting a new photo booth business so this episode is dedicated to them.

So – what do you need?

A CRM => customer management system can help you track the status of the prospects you have in the pipeline and close more deals. What’s nice about the Photo Booth Industry is that a single phone call can end up with a booked event on your calendar. Some events can even be automatically booked online. That’s why I am not about to recommend that you invest in an expensive CRM system that’s aimed at enterprise companies with long sales cycles like HubSpot or Salesforce, but an Industry focused system such as Booth Book, Check Cherry or other similar systems that allow you to book directly from your website.

Being able to monitor and track your performance via your chosen system, will give you a good idea of where you stand in terms of marketing and conversion rate as well as help you analyze your results. For example, if a lead was lost – you can try and figure out why it happened and learn from it to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Having said that, Information systems are a great tool to consider when starting a photo booth business, but it’s not a must. Still, I would recommend investing in a good industry focused system as it can without a doubt help you improve your business.


Step 6: Pricing

We’ve reached the point where you need to determine how much you should charge for your services. To do that, we’ll have to start by going all the way to the end!

There IS a formula that can help you calculate your maximum income potential based on your value proposition. The only thing you need to do now is to find it! Obviously, it’s not an easy undertaking, but understanding what your final goal is – is a great starting point.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Let’s assume that Company A has a great, unique and highly demanded product. Let’s assume that they’re also offering added value; Their service is outstanding and they’re doing a great job advertising it. Their marketing strategy is aimed at a high budget clientele such as big wealthy corporations.
Company A priced its basic package at $5,000 per event, with the certainty in mind that what they offer is worth the price their customers pay.
Company B is not as confident in its own value proposition – whether it’s because it doesn’t fully understand its own value or because it just doesn’t believe in its own services, so it’ll set a number that doesn’t necessarily adhere to its value proposition and driven solely by price. They will book ANY event that offers to pay them $500 a gig.

Let’s say that both companies generated 100K in revenue this year. How did they do it?

  • Company A booked 20 events.
  • Company B booked 200 events.

Who do you think will have the larger net profit? The company that did 20 events or the one that did 200?

Your instincts are correct. Company A, the company that only had the 20 events was the one who made the larger profit.
How do you figure that?

Every event you go out to brings expenses along with it, whether it’s gas, labor, the cost per print, equipment maintenance and don’t forget the TIME you invest. Marketing-wise – let’s have a look at the conversion rate. Let’s assume that the high price point that Company A set lowers their conversion rate to 2%, while company A has an outstanding 10% conversion rate due to its low price point. So – to book 20 events – Company A will need to generate 1000 leads a year, while Company B will need to generate 2000 leads to book 200 events.

So not only that Company B’s marketing budget needs to be higher to generate 2000 leads a year, but they’ll also spend large amounts of time and effort on the leads they’re getting: converting them and managing the actual events. All that to end the year with less profit than company A.

This is exactly why the pricing episode comes right after the value proposition episode, because without that it’s impossible to understand where you should set your pricing when you’re starting your photo booth business.

Now before we continue on to the next episode let’s discuss 2 more important aspects of pricing: Creating different packages and whether or not you should put your pricing on your website.

Breaking your value proposition into different packages will help you make sure that no money is left on the table. What a waste it would be if a company with a high budget, willing to spend up to 10k on your services and absolutely loves what you have to offer will book you for only 2K because you failed to recognize the added value you could offer. We’re not saying that you should charge 10K for the same service, but that you create packages with add-ons that can help customers elevate their event to a whole new level while spending more money with you.

Last but not least: should you put your pricing on your website?
This is not a yes or no question, it depends.

If you’re getting large amounts of leads and you want to be able to easily filter through the ones that aren’t relevant and focus on those that you can convert – putting the price on the website will help you. Advertising the price also creates a psychological effect of transparency and fairness. Having said that, if what you offer is difficult to explain, you feel that your value is not coming through and you’re not getting as many leads as you’d like – consider leaving the pricing out of the website and have prospects fill a “Contact us for pricing” form instead.


Step 7: Photo Booths at Your Disposal

It’s not a bad idea to plan ahead and think about the long term while planning your photo booth business. Determine which booth to purchase first, which one to expand with and what will work best for your market. In this last episode of “How to start your Photo Booth business” Eli will explore different booths from various booth families, such as Mirror Photo Booths, DSLR Photo Booths, iPad Booths and special photo based products that will help you plan ahead.

Choosing the right photo booth to start your business with is important. It affects your business plan, value proposition and pricing. There are many different photo booths from different booth families to consider.

First we have the latest and greatest photo booths that are now in mainstream – Foto Master’s Mirror Photo Booth Family. These are great products that always get the WOW response from event guests. Customers who want to amaze their guests and provide a truly unique experience will book the Mirror Photo Booth on the spot. The popular options in the family are:

  • The Mirror Me Booth
  • The Mirror X Booth
  • The Mirror Air Booth

They can fit any event, you can wrap them to add branding and they are what we would recommend you start with.
You can’t go wrong there.

If you value a smaller footprint Mirror you will want to look at the Retro Mirror Booth or Beauty Mirror Booth that run the same software, they offer a similar experience and can be especially attractive to customers who are planning retro events or to venues with a tighter fit.

If you’re planning on targeting the top tier clients, consider the Tower Mirror Booth. The Tower is the largest and most luxurious product in the family. You’ll need to make sure that you also have the staff to transport this beast 😉

If you want to start with something more traditional – the second go to product is a DSLR Photo Booth. Go for the smaller Retro Photo Booth or the Spire Photo Booth. They both use a professional camera and are much superior to the home used devices.

The next product family is the iPad Booth family. The iPad booth is great and has the advantage of being small in size as well as easy to transport and set up. The iPad Booth can be a great option to offer the lower budget clients. With the right software and attractive looking hardware like the Pylon iPad Booth, the iPad booth will give a professional high-end feel even if it’s priced a bit lower.

Last but not least are the Unique Photo based solutions like the Photo Mosaic Wall. The Photo Mosaic Wall is a phenomenal solution, offering an interactive experience like no other. The Air Graffiti Wall is another example of a unique photo based experience.

These solutions are exactly what many corporate customers are looking for. The originality of the experience and the range of possibilities you can offer with them can warrant charging 5 figures for an activation at corporate events.


Next Steps

💡 Recognize the opportunity

Foto Master’s photo booths are state-of-the-art innovations that allow for a high income as your own boss.

Their exclusive software, high-end production quality and novel design set you apart and keep you ahead of the competition.

🎯 Call the Shots

Choose the photo booth of your dreams by exploring the product pages above for overview videos, software features and frequently asked questions.

Select a package that best suits your priorities by reviewing the pricing options of the photo booth.

Contact us by form, chat or phone. Our sales reps will gladly help you get started and answer all your questions.

🏄‍♀️ Get Started

Upon receiving your very own Foto Master photo booth, our dedicated support team will get you ready to shine with your new service. The support team will remain available for you 24/7; before, during and after each event.

Browse countless, priceless information by Foto Master’s photo booth owners on our Facebook community. Post your first message with your story, hopes, concerns and questions to get advice by experienced owners who’ve started out just as you do now.

Register your account at Foto Master’s Lead Distribution Platform and set a service area to qualify for exclusive rental leads.

💪 Work It

Amaze your customers and their guests at private events, corporate events and trade shows.

Choose from countless out-of-the-box options or create your own experiences for each event to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Accept special requests; Foto Master’s software is feature rich and our support professionals would love helping you out with new ideas.

😃 Spend Your Time Bringing Joy to the World

You’ll give people an unforgettable experience of genuine fun and amazement.

Everything about these photo booths is novel, mind-blowing and people are reacting to it emotionally.

📈 Start and Expand Your Own High-Revenue Business

With Foto Master’s photo booths you can become the best event rentals provider out there. They are advanced, unique and extremely fun.

Rental rates are high and the purchase price is affordable so you’re looking at an extremely fast return on investment.

After you return the initial investment and reach your booking capacity you can diversify your service and expand your business further with another photo booth.

🐝 Create a Buzz about your local business

You’ll offer an unparalleled experience to your existing customers and virally attract new ones.

Use white-label videos, photos and text provided by Foto Master to jump-start marketing for your new photo booth service.

Leverage each activation to create your own, exclusive marketing materials; Keep track of “free for commercial use” and paid marketing materials by Foto Master’s photo booth owners on our Facebook community.

🆕 Keep Up with the Latest Tech

You’ll get the newest photo booth features as they’re released.

Keep track of software upgrades and amaze your customers with new features on a regular basis.


Bonus Materials

🎉 Establishing a New Photo Booth Company

You’ve decided to start your own photo booth business with one of our incredible products. Now, before you get the actual party started, we want to suggest a start-up checklist so you have all your “props” in a row. Not everything needs to be done at once, but we want to make sure you know the general steps you need to take.

1️⃣ Create a Company Strategy
  • Define your company goal
  • Write out your company values and what makes you stand out
  • Prepare some Return on Investment goals
  • Define your target customers
  • Determine your company structure
2️⃣ Getting the Business Established
  • Speak with an accountant about how you want to set up your business
  • Get a handle on sales, federal, and state taxes
  • Determine how you want to staff your events and setting up employees
  • Register your company on the state and federal level
3️⃣ Organizing your Finances
  • Open a bank account
  • Get a business credit/debit card and a checkbook
  • Determine how you’re going to easily collect payments (something like Square)
  • Decide how you will structure payment schedules for clients
  • Develop a relationship with your bank in case you need a capital loan to expand
4️⃣ Protecting your New Business
  • Make sure all your insurance is in place – this includes:
    • Auto
    • General Liability
    • Workman’s Compensation
  • Speak with a lawyer about drafting a contract for your events
  • Trademark your company on the federal and state level
5️⃣ Marketing your Business

In step 1 you defined your target audience, now here is a list of different ways to get in front of them:

  • Establish your online assets (website, Facebook page, Instagram profile, YouTube channel, Twitter profile, Google MyBusiness account and company profiles at online directories)
  • Reach out to friends and family
  • Offer services for local community events
  • Join professional networking groups in the event industry
  • Start advertising online (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Leverage events you’ve serviced for testimonials, event videos and photos to use as marketing materials on your online assets
💾 Download

This checklist is available for download here: Foto Master’s Business Start-Up Checklist

Accessorizing your Photo Booth Setup

Plan the looks of your setup.

📖 Intro

The purpose of this checklist is to discuss different options for upgrading your photo booth setup with accessories.

🕶️ Props

Everyone loves props. People like having them in photos because they add a little excitement to the composition of the picture (and everyone secretly loves playing dress up). There are a few different types of props to consider.

  • Signs – signs are nice because they are low maintenance and have funny sayings
  • Wearables – think sunglasses, hats, masks, headbands, mustaches
💟 Backdrops

if you want, you can offer to have photos taken in front of a backdrop. People like this because it adds a nice visual to the photos.

There are a few different types you can buy and it will just depend on the style and aesthetic you’d like to offer. Think floral, modern, rustic, sequin, step and repeat (logo of client repeated a bunch of times).

What’s important to keep in mind that these backdrops are typically printed, meaning they can basically be whatever digital design you want!

🌼 Other Things

Other things to think about adding are:

  • Red carpet with stanchions (classes up the look and helps with line control)
  • iPad stands for a digital sharing kiosk
  • TV for a slideshow
  • Custom props or backdrop especially made for the event
📕 Closing

In the end, these accessories are visual value adds for your services. They are used to show your customer that they are getting a great bang for their buck.

It’s up to you to determine how you present them. Maybe you do a package where you include everything and then
one where it’s only a basic set up. Maybe you do a basic set up and then have everything as add-ons. However you decide to do it, just make sure you’re conveying the value of these add-ons.

Promoting your Photo Booth Service

Get your name out there.

📖 Intro

Okay – you’ve got your basics set up and have your equipment sorted – now you’re looking for how to expand your customer base. Here are a few places to think about reaching out to in order to get your name out there.

1️⃣ Friends and Family

The power of your own personal network can be huge. Don’t be afraid to send out a mass email or Facebook event letting people know about your new business. They’re also a great source for doing a few initial test events.

2️⃣ Local Community Venues and Organizations

Think YMCA, Chamber of Commerce, Religious institutions – they are putting on events all of the time and it’s a great way to network with these community-centric organizations as they know a lot of people.

3️⃣ Networking with Businesses Who Use Your Services

Try setting up meetings/demos or attending networking events. Take them out for lunch, join event groups and Facebook groups. Do your research for people in your area (google “event venues” and such).

4️⃣ Online advertising

Start advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and Instagram. Great for targeting specific customer types. Listen to a podcast called “The Art of Paid Traffic” for some tips and tricks.

5️⃣ Expos for events

Look for event showcases or expos. Best way to sell is to show and with these, people are working on bringing the customers to you!

📕 Bottom line

In order for people to know you exist you have to show them you do. So get out there and start promoting yourself!

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