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Flipbook Cutter

A Flipbook cutter is part of the hardware you will need in order to create a Flipbook via a Mobile Flipbook Studio.

The flipbook cutter will allow you to quickly and efficiently cut the printed photos using the Flipbook Printer and assemble flipbooks in no time. The concept is based on business cards cutters.

There are many types of business card cutters and here at Foto Master we worked very hard to allow a generic configuration to support all of them, starting from 2 pass cutters to 1 pass cutters and more. Due to the different speeds and machine characteristics, the prices for cutters vary widely.

At the event, after the paper is printed, you take it as is and place it in the flipbook cutter. Based on your cutter Video Flip software knows how to order the cards so it will print and cut one on top of the other automatically, meaning you don’t need to think about how to order the cards. Everything is printed, cut and aligned seamlessly! Video Flip Creator supports both cutters that you can see in the previews above and also other models. Video Flip Software knows how to adjust the cards in the right order according to your desired cutter.

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