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Flipbook Printer

Not every printer can be a good flipbook printer. Before you choose a good flipbook printer you should consider 3 very important factors: Quality, Cost & Speed.

Your goal is to create the flipbook as quickly as possible with the best quality at the lowest cost. This is of course a very hard task because sometimes you have a trade off between different factors and want to find a balance that fits your needs.


The quality of the booklet is measured by few parameters:

  • Number of cards
  • The frame rate of the booklet
  • Print quality
  • Flip quality

How is it all related to the printer? For example if you choose a Dye Sub printer, your print quality will be great but you can’t produce enough cards and at a high enough frame rate to make it cost efficient. Furthermore, the flip is not fun with such photo paper. Thus, Foto Master recommends a color laser printer.


This is mostly measured by the ink, the most expensive part of the whole flipbook creation process. Selecting the right printer with the right ink can save you more than $1 per booklet. As you are in a competitive market and the price per event is already set by the market, you can’t create flipbooks that will cost you $5 per book. You need to get the best results at the most affordable price so the client will be extremely happy with the quality and you will be happy with your revenues.


Selecting a fast printer is very important. Not selecting the right equipment can force you produce only 30 flipbook per hour instead of 50. The printer selection has a direct affect on the process as a whole.

Once your purchase of our software is complete, you will receive a recommended list of hardware in order to have the best system that fits your needs.

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